I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Princeton University’s graduate program in Religion and have extensive teaching and tutoring experience at the elementary, high school, and college levels. My tutoring strengths lie in English reading, writing, and ESL. I am also happy to tutor Japanese.

I have precepted at Princeton University (Tibetan Buddhism), and also co-taught English 101 at A.C. Wagner Correctional Facility through the Princeton prison teaching initiative (accredited through Mercer County Community College). I was also a supplementary instructor for several courses at Nyack College as an undergraduate, taught English in Japan and China, and also ESL to 3-4th graders.

Born and raised in Japan, I also lived in Norway and China for a time and love traveling, outdoor sports, and motorcycling in the mountains of Japan in search of highly secluded hot springs.


Education: Nyack, Harvard, Princeton
Undergrad Major: International Political Economics (Nyack College)
Other Degrees/Minors: Masters in East Asian Studies (Harvard University), Masters in Religion (Princeton University), Ph.D. Candidate in Religion (Princeton University)

High School:

Interests & Activities: Since I was homeschooled on the shores of a lake in the mountains of Japan, I spent most of my summer and winter afternoons as a teenager sailing and skiing. Before I entered college, I also spent a gap year in Norway at a Folkhøyskole (Folk High School) where I mostly played sports, went camping, and visited the slums of Nairobi where we worked with a sports development aid organization.
AP Exams: 4 English Literature and Composition, 4 European History


Other Awards: Dean's List, Summa Cum Laude
Other Interests & Activities: During my undergraduate years at Nyack, I was a member of the golf team, College Fed Challenge team, and honors program. At Harvard, I was a member of the Harvard East Asia Studies Conference Committee. At Princeton, I helped co-organize the Department of Religion Graduate Student Workshop, served as a class year representative in the Department of Religion, and have been involved with the Princeton University Prison Teaching Initiative.
Location: Nyack, Harvard, Princeton

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