Since 2005, we’ve helped students improve their confidence and grades in all levels of math.

We’re especially proud of the fact that other educators (teachers and professors) and high profile members of the Princeton University Administration trust us with their children’s academic success and recommend our services to others.

We have a 15+ year track record supporting students in elementary/middle school math, Pre-algebra, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and more.

How Does It Work?

  1. Free Consultation – We learn more about your child
  2. A Perfect Tutor Match – Our team thoughtfully matches you with an amazing 1:1 math tutor
  3. Progress Tracking – Stay in the loop with detailed progress reports after every session

Available Online or In-Person

  • Online – Over the past decade, we’ve successfully helped students all over the world using Zoom, virtual whiteboards, and other technologies.
  • In-Person – Locally in the Princeton, NJ area

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Experience You Can Trust – Near-perfect ratings, 50,000+ hrs of tutoring experience, and 500+ happy reviews
  • Not completely satisfied with a session? Let us know, and we’ll make it right or refund the unused sessions.


# of unsolicited testimonials we’ve received


Hi, I’m Reuben.

What parents say about our Math tutors

Our team includes award-winning Princeton University undergrads and Master’s/PhD graduates who are rigorously screened and are extremely effective at communicating the material.

A quick “case study”: 

A parent contacted us to help her son with Algebra 2.

He had been diagnosed with moderate to severe auditory processing disorder and had been working with a specialist.

Additionally, he was struggling with math. He understood some concepts but not others. The student said that he could follow the math teacher at school but would forget the material by the time he came home and did homework in the evenings.

He experienced similar issues when taking tests and was easily confused. Another underlying issue may have been motivation.

Our goals were to increase his conceptual understanding of the subject matter, while also increasing his motivation.

We matched the son with Reuben, an East Asian studies major and jazz trumpeter at Princeton University who is also very talented in math and physics.

Here’s some feedback we received:

“Hi Reuben, I wanted to let you know that Cole’s grade for math this past quarter is a B. First quarter he had a D.

He has made tremendous improvement since working with you! Cole is thrilled and so are my husband and I. Thank you!”

“Cole really enjoyed working with Reuben. He did an amazing job with Cole.

Cole started the year with an F in math. Within a few weeks of working with Reuben his grade went up to an A where it has remained…

I’m wondering if you have others who tutor in English. If so we would be interested in an English tutor for Cole in addition to a math tutor.”

We receive messages like these every week.

We regularly track progress

Progress reports are shared after every session so you always know what’s going on.

A Real-Life Example: 

Student: Luca
Tutor: Timur
Subject(s): Geometry
Date: 9/23
Time Tutored: 18:10 – 19:10
Next Scheduled Session: Wed, 09/30 6:00 PM (Online)

Material Covered:

This was our first session. We did a little introductions, discussed Lucas’ situation in geometry and school-wise in general, and dived into some geometry stuff.

We solved several guided problems together, and discussed several strategies for succeeding in geometry.

Additional Comments:

It was very nice to get to know Lucas and his situation. Just from working on several problems together, it seems he has strong mathematical skills and ability to logically think through problems. He was able to solve every question either by himself or by providing him a slight push forward. Very impressive!

On the other hand, Lucas does feel intimidated by seemingly-complex problems. This, along with a slightly diminished sense of confidence in doing math, is probably his biggest hurdle. This is what we will focus on, mainly through doing practice problems and examining the spirit of all geometry problems to anticipate any challenge in the subject.

We will also work on developing strategies for tackling problems, because once we have that, Lucas can lay out his plans for how to solve a complex problem step-by-step. And once he knows what to do, the hard part’s practically done and so is the problem.

Assignments for Next Week:

For next session, I have given Lucas one geometry problem related to a proof to do. In general, I will assign some short assignment to be complete before each of our sessions, so that Lucas reinforces what he practices and learns from our meetings.

In addition, after each session, I send over Lucas all the notes, lessons, and assignments we do during the session via Zoom. Hopefully, he uses them well.

How is your child performing in math?


Addresses common student issues

A deep understanding of the subject matter allows us to personalize our approach.

Why is math important?

Whether you love math or hate it, you’re stuck with it if you want to do well in school or on the SAT/ACTs.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need to find the derivative of a function in real life, you’ll be developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Why do some students struggle with math?

Our math students come to us for a variety of reasons. Some are failing their geometry class, some are doing okay but recently bombed an algebra 2 test, some are doing well but want to work ahead of their class or prepare for math competitions.

Our students who struggle do so for a variety of reasons. For some, math simply is not their strong suit. The subject material just doesn’t click. For others, math used to be a strength, but for some reason, it has become difficult or is no longer interesting to them.

The specific teacher your student has can have a huge impact on his or her attitude towards the subject. Great teachers can make your child love math; the opposite can happen if the teacher cannot connect with your child. Many of our students just need additional motivation and private tutoring can go a long way in improving their confidence and belief in themselves.

Another scenario we commonly encounter are students who have done exceedingly well in middle school, but are now having trouble in high school. In high school, the amount of material increases and is covered at a faster pace, with more homework. Multiply this across all subjects, add in the transition to a new school, and a child who once was able to breeze through his classes may now struggle. In addition to helping with the actual subject matter, these students also benefit significantly from the study, organizational, and test-taking skills that our tutors incorporate in each lesson.

Not all of our students are struggling, though. We’ve worked with several students to prepare for math competitions. We’ve also taught entire courses to students. For example, one of our clients was moving to Israel and requested that we help her twins cover custom curricula (including concepts from algebra, geometry, and trigonometry) in order to prepare for the more demanding math program abroad.

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“Rachel had her first session with Alyssa. It was a success! Rachel loves Alyssa and she was a huge help on a math project. Alyssa is kind and extremely helpful. Rachel actually looking forward to her next tutoring session. “

T.S., Parent of 8th Grader

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“Rachel had her first session with Alyssa. It was a success! Rachel loves Alyssa and she was a huge help on a math project. Alyssa is kind and extremely helpful. Rachel actually looking forward to her next tutoring session. “

T.S., Parent of 8th Grader

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