Since 2005, we’ve helped students improve their confidence and grades in all levels of Economics.

We’re especially proud of the fact that other educators (teachers and professors) and high profile members of the Princeton University Administration trust us with their children’s academic success and recommend our services to others.

We have a 15+ year track record of supporting students in AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, College level Economics, and more.

Our private 1-on-1 economics tutors have excelled in both microeconomics and macroeconomics and can help your child improve her test scores and confidence come test day.

How Does It Work?

  1. Free Consultation – We learn more about your child
  2. A Perfect Tutor Match – Our team thoughtfully matches you with an amazing economics tutor
  3. Progress Tracking – Stay in the loop with detailed progress reports after every session

Available Online or In-Person

  • Online – Over the past decade, we’ve successfully helped students all over the world using Zoom, virtual whiteboards, and other technologies.
  • In-Person – Locally in the Princeton, NJ area

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  • Experience You Can Trust – Near-perfect ratings, 50,000+ hrs of tutoring experience, and 500+ happy reviews
  • Not completely satisfied with a session? Let us know, and we’ll make it right or refund the unused sessions.


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Hi, I’m Daniela.

What parents say about our Economics tutors

Our team includes award-winning Princeton University undergrads and Master’s/PhD graduates who are rigorously screened and are extremely effective at communicating the material.

A quick “case study”: 

A former client reached out to us for her daughter, who was now a junior in college. She needed help with college-level economics (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory).

She struggled with some of the topics and requested support to reinforce concepts, complete practice problems, and prepare for quizzes/tests.

We matched her with Daniela, a PhD Candidate in International Health Economics and Princeton University graduate.

The sessions went well and the mother was appreciative of Daniela’s ability to identify specific problem areas and was thankful for Daniela’s “continued advice and practice”.

The sessions went very well. Daniela was able to pinpoint and address specific problem areas and the mother was appreciative and thankful for Daniela’s “continued advice and practice”.

We regularly track progress

Progress reports are shared after every session so you always know what’s going on.

A Real-Life Example: 

Student: Sanjana
Tutor: Ryan
Subject(s): AP Economics
Date: 2/1
Time Tutored: 10:00 – 11:00

Material Covered:

We went through the basics of supply, demand, the laws of supply and demand, supply and demand functions, the graph, what a market is and what it looks like, and the determinants of supply and demand.

Additional Comments:

As discussed, it will likely take two sessions this week to best equip Sanjana moving forward. I’m interested in getting her up to speed in units 2 and 6 so we can start drawing from FRQs.

Until then, as we discussed, it will be valuable to have tests that I draw up so that we can test her progress so far. I’ll be in touch over the specifics of these and our next sessions. As we discussed, we can do a weekday session by skype and a weekend session in person.

Assignments for Next Week:

Modules 7, 8, and 9 from the Krugman. In terms of our progression, we’ll be finishing Sections 1 and 2 (which are the sections I hope to create a test for soon and test), and then move onto sections 9, 10, and 14 (which will provide us enough content to start testing from actual AP material.

How is your child performing in economics?


Addresses common student issues

A deep understanding of the subject matter allows us to personalize our approach.

Why is Economics important?

Many of our students who request help with economics are preparing for either the AP Microeconomics or AP Macroeconomics exams. We also have a surprising number of requests for college level Economics.

While the study of Economics isn’t required for admissions to college, it’s helpful to have knowledge of basic economic theory.

Why do some students struggle with Economics?

As with all AP courses, which cover information equivalent to a college course, there is a lot of material. In addition, the free-response questions on the AP exam require students to not only understand the underlying concepts (which are also tested in the multiple-choice section), but to apply their knowledge of economics to essay questions. These free-response questions require organizational and analytical skills, as well as the ability to combine interrelated concepts.

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Perfect Scores

“I wanted to tell you that Ashwin sent me his AP Economics scores — he got both a 5 in Micro and Macro.”

R.B., Tutor for 10th Grader

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Perfect Scores

“I wanted to tell you that Ashwin sent me his AP Economics scores — he got both a 5 in Micro and Macro.”

R.B., Tutor for 10th Grader

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We’ve produced consistent results over the past 15 years by combining a deep and nuanced understanding of the material, truly world-class tutors, and exceptional customer service.

What else differentiates us?

  • Smaller boutique company
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  • Trusted resource with a strong reputation

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