Since 2005, we’ve helped students improve their confidence and grades in middle school science.

We’re especially proud of the fact that other educators (teachers and professors) and high profile members of the Princeton University Administration trust us with their children’s academic success and recommend our services to others.

We have a 15+ year track record of supporting students in middle school science, biology, chemistry, physics, and more.

Whether your child is struggling or simply looking for enrichment tutoring, our private 1-on-1 middle school science tutors will create a customized approach tailored specifically for your needs.

How Does It Work?

  1. Free Consultation – We learn more about your child
  2. A Perfect Tutor Match – Our team thoughtfully matches you with an amazing middle school science tutor
  3. Progress Tracking – Stay in the loop with detailed progress reports after every session

Available Online or In-Person

  • Online – Over the past decade, we’ve successfully helped students all over the world using Zoom, virtual whiteboards, and other technologies.
  • In-Person – Locally in the Princeton, NJ area

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  • Experience You Can Trust – Near-perfect ratings, 50,000+ hrs of tutoring experience, and 500+ happy reviews
  • Not completely satisfied with a session? Let us know, and we’ll make it right or refund the unused sessions.


# of unsolicited testimonials we’ve received


Hi. I’m Rebecca.

What parents say about our Middle School Science tutors

Our team includes award-winning Princeton University undergrads and Master’s/PhD graduates who are rigorously screened and are extremely effective at communicating the material.

A brief “case study”: 

A father contacted us to provide enrichment tutoring for his son, a seventh grader at Community Middle School and a high-performing student with straight As.

The goal was to develop the student’s interest in, and conceptual understanding of, the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) to prepare him for a potential undergrad major in pre-medicine.

We matched the student with Rebecca, an ecology and evolutionary biology major at Princeton University whose teaching experience included teaching her peers at Princeton University, language instruction at Dartmouth, environmental education in Kenya, and music and yoga teaching.

The mother shared that her son “really liked” the way Rebecca introduced the concepts and was “showing keen interest in continuing” further.

We receive messages like these every week.

We regularly track progress

Progress reports are shared after every session so you always know what’s going on.

A Real-Life Example: 

Student: Paige
Tutor: Margarita
Subject(s): General Science – Middle School
Date: 4/28
Time Tutored: 10:00 – 12:10
Next Scheduled Session: Sun, 05/05 10:00 AM

Previous Quiz/Test Scores:

Paige got a 91 on her math exam!

Material Covered:

Paige and I covered a lot of ground today. We began by learning to find the product of chemical equations/predict the charges of elements and compounds. This will help Paige both finish a Chemistry lab report that is overdue and study for the Chemistry exam (on Monday).

We then moved on to a chapter on Physics that Paige was asked to review and worked on learning the concepts together (as well as note-taking tips).

Finally, we finished almost all of the math homework due for Monday. Paige also cleaned out her folder, which was very necessary.

Additional Comments:

This is not something I feel needs to be addressed immediately, but quite a few of Paige’s assignments are handed in a few days after they are due.

This might be fine for some teachers at her age, but hopefully this practice become less frequent by High School, since late assignments might reduce her grade. Beginning assignments a few days before they are due (especially on weekends) might be helpful.

Also, I am thinking that Paige might be forgetting some things learned in class, since I find that sometimes we look up how to do problems that she has done before.

I think this is totally fine and not necessarily symptomatic of anything (in fact, I think the workload is simply quite extensive for a person her age). But I also think that she could practice some more organized note-taking in the future.

I’ll keep my eye on this as she transitions into High School.

Thanks for the hospitality!

Assignments for Next Week:

For Sunday afternoon, I asked Paige to: 1. Study for her Chem. exam by finishing the lab, 2. Finish the Physics videos and take the quiz, and 3. Read Ch. 7 of “The Secret Life of Bees” for her English exam on Chapters 1-7 of the book. Quite a lot to do for one day! Ideally, the weekend homework should be broken up between a short section on Saturday and a longer section on Sunday.

How is your child performing in Middle School Science?


Addresses common student issues

A deep understanding of the subject matter allows us to personalize our approach.

Why is Middle School Science important?

Middle school science introduces students to a variety of topics, such as astronomy, chemistry, biology, ecology, and more.

Many students will participate in science fairs, use a microscope, and do other similar hands-on activities for the first time. At this age, science is still fun for many students, and it’s important to keep it that way!

Why do some students struggle with Middle School Science?

Every student learns in a different way and at a different pace. We’ve found that all students can start to enjoy science with a little bit of support.

Our tutors can help struggling science students, as well as those students who are looking to delve deeper into a specific subject.

We’ve introduced some of our more advanced middle-school students to higher-level concepts in biology, chemistry, and even physics.

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“I want to let you know how happy my husband, my girls and I were with Princeton tutoring. Sibley was perfect with my girls and really helped them this year.”

T.M., Parent of 4th & 6th Graders

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“I want to let you know how happy my husband, my girls and I were with Princeton tutoring. Sibley was perfect with my girls and really helped them this year.”

T.M., Parent of 4th & 6th Graders

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We’ve produced consistent results over the past 15 years by combining a deep and nuanced understanding of the material, truly world-class tutors, and exceptional customer service.

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