I've been tutoring since middle school in Brazil. In high school I was chosen to tutor my peers, tutor for Math and Sciences Olympiads, and to act as an assistant in math classes. I started private tutoring during the end of my high school career, and I kept tutoring during college, specially for the Brazilian College admission exams.

I love tutoring because I can share my passion for knowledge with my students, and it is very rewarding to see that passion being transmitted. To do that, I am very committed to understanding the students' needs and interests. By getting to know my students, I can make him or her understand the importance of what is being studied.

I enjoy figure skating, piano playing, and arts in general. I am working to build a research career to develop the way we can mathematically model human behavior.


Education: University of Sao Paulo
Undergrad Major: Molecular Sciences
Other Degrees/Minors: Specialization in Math Applied to Neuroscience

High School:

Class Rank: 1
Awards & Honors: Honorable Mention at Brazilian Physics Olympiad, Honorable Mention at Brazilian Chemistry Olympiad, Gold Medal at Sao Jose do Rio Preto Math Olympiad, Silver Medal at Math Olympiad of Sao Paulo, Silver Medal at Chemistry Olympiad of Sao Paulo, Second Place at National Piano Contest, Best Actor at Regional Drama Festival
Interests & Activities: Math and Science Olympiads, Piano Competitions, Theater Festivals, Project of Social and Environmental Actions
SAT Scores: 800 Math, 560 Critical Reading, 550 Writing
SAT Subject Tests: 770 Math Level 2, 720 Chemistry, 660 Physics


Other Awards: University of Sao Paulo merit-based scholarship for exchange at Princeton University, FAPESP (Brazil) Research Grant, Best Student Paper Award of International Conference on Education and Information Technology, University of Sao Paulo Grant for tutoring in Mathematics, Honorable Mention at Brazilian Math Olympiad
Other Interests & Activities: In Brazil, I was involved with: Math Olympiad Study Group, Movie Discussion Group, Students Union, IT Intern and Video Lectures Production and Edition. Today I work with two research projects in Math applied to Neuroscience; I also figure skate and help students learning Portuguese.
Location: University of Sao Paulo

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