I love tutoring because of the feeling that you get when you see someone understand something that you taught them. Seeing the light bulb going off above their head and hearing the "oh!" that involuntarily escapes them are some of the most satisfying sensations.

Also, I consider myself a slow learner, and greatly identify with people who do not understand concepts right as they are taught, so teaching other people reminds me that even when I don't understand something, I always can have someone teach it to me later. There is always a way to learn.

I love sports; I am on the club tennis and soccer teams at Princeton. I also love trivia and random facts in general because you can learn some pretty cool things from trivia. I am also passionate about policy and current events, and like good discussions on current topics whenever possible.

Hopefully after graduation I will have some time to explore things I haven't seen yet, but my eventual goal is to attend law school.


Education: Economics
Other Degrees/Minors: Certificates in Spanish and History

High School:

Class Rank: 5%
Awards & Honors: AP Scholar
Interests & Activities: Varsity Tennis (Captain), Varsity Soccer (Captain Freshman and JV), Latin Club (President), Africa Outreach Club, Badminton Club (President), National Honors Society, School Band (Saxophone)
SAT Scores: 790 Math, 730 Critical Reading, 790 Writing
AP Exams: 5 US History, 5 Spanish, 4 Calculus AB, 4 Latin- Vergil
SAT Subject Tests: 700 Math Level 2, 750 US History


Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I'm involved in: Princeton University Pre-Law Society (Associate- Internal Affairs Board), Academic Success Today (Tutor), Club Soccer, and Club Tennis.
Location: Economics

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