Hi, my name is Steven. I am currently studying electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Throughout my high school years, I developed a passion for STEM – especially Calculus, Physics, and Computer Science. This passion motivated me to start an electronics club for younger high school students interested in programming and setting up simple circuits. Leading this club and working with students to help bring out their true potential was a life-changing experience for me. I began to work harder in school so that I could gain a deeper understanding of the course material – to offer more support to my club members and fellow students. This mindset pushed me to become very interested in tutoring high school students in mathematics and physics. Outside of school, I am a major sports fan – mainly soccer and basketball – as I watch games frequently with my friends and play soccer for my school. Overall, I enjoy having memorable times with friends and family in a variety of ways – making music, filming YouTube videos, sightseeing, and planning events. Balance is important for students and it would be my pleasure to help your student with schoolwork, while still maintaining an enjoyable and safe space.


Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Undergrad Major: B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

High School:

Awards & Honors: CSEC Regional and National Placement in Mathematics, CSEC National Placement in Additional Mathematics, CAPE Regional Placement in Chemistry Unit 1, Highest Grade Point Average in Pure Mathematics (Internal High School Award)
Interests & Activities: Varsity Soccer (Starting Team), Ministry Outreach Program (Volunteer & Treasurer at the Golden Age Home - elderly & disabled), Future Innovators Electronics Club (President & Founder), Mathematics Club (Tutor), Engineering Club, Young Entrepreneurial Society
SAT Scores: 1430 (790 - Math, 640 - Verbal)
AP Exams: CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) Unit 1 & Unit 2 Pure Mathematics - Grade I (A,A,A), CAPE Unit 1 & Unit 2 Physics - Grade I (A,A,A), CAPE Unit 1 & Unit 2 Chemistry - Grade I (A,A,A), CAPE Unit 1 & Unit 2 Computer Science - Grade I (A,A,A), CAPE Communication Studies - Grade I (A,A,A), CAPE Caribbean Studies - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Mathematics - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC English - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC English Literature - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Spanish - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Information Technology - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Additional Mathematics - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Physics - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Chemistry - Grade I (A,A,A), CSEC Biology - Grade I (A,A,A).


Other Interests & Activities: At MIT, I'm involved in: Club Soccer, Member - Sigma Chi Fraternity

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