Hello, I am Srividya! I earned a Bachelors degree with honors in Physics from Bryn Mawr College. I entered Bryn Mawr College with the intention of studying chemistry, but switched to physics after taking an introduction to quantum mechanics course my second semester of my freshmen year. I took it mainly because I was curious. I thought it would be fun, different, and challenging. It was all of the above, but with a strong emphasize on challenging. Even though I faced difficulties with the course, I wanted to continue to learn more about and understand quantum mechanics. I did not think much about my future with physics; all I knew was that I wanted to graduate with a little more knowledge of quantum mechanics.

Now, after earning my physics degree, my goal is to combine my love and passion for physics and my enthusiasm for teaching to become a professor. I hope to maintain a balance between research and teaching so that I can make contributions to the academic world in publications as well as in the classroom.

I have enjoyed tutoring and teaching throughout high school and college. I especially enjoyed providing one-on-one personalized tutoring for students seeking help with introductory physics and mathematics. Working with students with different learning styles strengthened my ability to communicate and teach effectively. I helped many different kinds of students with problem solving techniques for homework as well as study strategies for exams. I also enjoyed my time as a teaching assistant for the undergraduate physics laboratories, which gave me great experience with teaching larger audiences. As a teaching assistant my job was to familiarize myself with the experiments so that I could answer related questions and guide students step by step if necessary. I would walk among the 10-12 lab tables and help the pairs of students with various experiments conducted.

While I served as president of the Society of Physics Students, I focused on incorporating a wide variety of outreach activities to engage others in the study of physics and the sciences at large. One of our main outreach activities was a partnership with a STEM college access program for middle school students. Our main event for this program was the “lab in a box” demonstration. We picked six topics in physics (i.e electromagnetism, sound and waves, thermodynamics) and created lab stations of the same number so that the students could get hands-on experience. The students were very excited and engaged with the activities, and it was a great event for everyone involved. We held many similar activities for these students throughout the year, and we often included video clips, mini lectures, and exciting themed demonstrations.

Outside of physics and tutoring, I enjoy cooking, dining at various restaurants to try different cuisines, and exploring used book stores.

I have enjoyed my tutoring/ teaching experiences and I am very excited to work with your student!


Education: Bryn Mawr College
Undergrad Major: Physics with Honors

High School:

Awards & Honors: Mercer County Library Scholarship, Metlife Foundation Pathways Scholarship
Interests & Activities: Math Honor Society, French Honor Society, Orchestra
AP Exams: 4 Chemistry, 4 Calculus AB
SAT Subject Tests: 770 Chemistry


Other Awards: Cum Laude, Physics Honors, Outstanding Poster Presentation Award (Women in Physics Conference), Metlife Foundation Pathways Scholarship
Other Interests & Activities: At Bryn Mawr College I was heavily involved in the Society of Physics Students (SPS). I served as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. I also acted as the Treasurer of Yalah!
Location: Bryn Mawr College

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