I am a PhD candidate in Classics (Literature and Philology) at Princeton University, focusing in Ancient Greek literature and poetics. I graduated in 2018 with a dual BA/MA in Classics (cum laude with distinction in the major) from Yale University, where I was an opinion columnist for the Yale Daily News. I was born in Taiwan and raised in America, an upbringing which led me to confront early on the joys and challenges of navigating between multiple languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and English. My fascination with English led me to an addiction to Latin in middle school, which predictably threw me into a hopeless passion for Ancient Greek in college, and a side affair with Italian, which I studied at Siena. I tutored and taught both English and Latin throughout high school. I’ve spent several summers in my native Taiwan designing and teaching a college/graduate-level elementary Ancient Greek course (in both Mandarin and English). Someday, I hope to become a professor of Classics and write a novel about my parents’ lives in Taiwan. I’m eager to share my love of languages and literatures, both ancient and modern, with anyone interested.


Education: Yale University
Undergrad Major: BA/MA Classics
Other Degrees/Minors: PhD candidate in Classics (Literature and Philology) at Princeton University

High School:

Awards & Honors: National Merit Semifinalist, Maureen O'Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award (4 years of Gold Medals on the National Latin Exam), Musa Award on 2013 Medusa Mythology Exam, 1st Place and Scholarship Winner for 2013 Virginia Junior Classical League Decathlon, 2013 Sue Robertson Spirit of the Junior Classical League Award, National Classical Etymology Exam (Gold 2012), National Roman Civilization Exam (Gold 2012, 2013), Classical Association of Virginia Arthur F. Stocker Latin Essay (1st place, Advanced Latin), Classical Association of Virginia Latin Tournament Exam (2nd place 2012 and 2013), Science Olympiad (2013, 1st place on Write It Do It Regionals, 2nd place on WIDI States), Technology Student Association State Level (2nd place Essays on Technology 2011, 1st place Essays on Technology and 1st place Career Comparisons 2012, Mythologist on the Virginia State Certamen Team (national Latin quiz bowl) from 2013-2014 (4th place Upper Level Certamen in 2013, 3rd place Upper Level Certamen in 2014)
Interests & Activities: Piano and composition, National Latin Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Junior Classical League and Certamen
SAT Scores: 750 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing
AP Exams: World History: 5, United States History: 5, Latin: 5, English Language & Composition: 5, Biology: 4, US Government & Politics: 5, Music Theory: 4, BC Calculus: 4 (AB Subscore 5), English Literature and Composition: 5, European History: 4
SAT Subject Tests: Latin: 800, Literature: 780


Other Awards: Distinction in the Major, Graduated cum laude, Selected for 4 academic conferences (2 graduate, 2 undergraduate), Alice Derby Lang Essay Prize (best essay in Classics), Buchanan Winthrop Prize (best junior/senior Latin translation)
Other Interests & Activities: Yale Daily News - staff opinion columnist from 2015-2018, Yale Certamen Director 2016-2018, Splash at Yale (teaching) 2014-2018, Yale Political Union (member of debate society, 2014-2018) - member of the Party of the Left, served as Floor Leader of the Left
Location: Yale University

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