College was an exciting intellectual journey. In my time at Princeton, I took a range of courses in the humanities such as World Drama, Politics, Music, and Art. Additionally, in my spare time I enjoyed working in theater, appearing in a number of plays as both an actress and director. I have thus cultivated my critical abilities in a range of disciplines utilizing a variety of resources throughout the campus.

I have several years of tutoring experience through peer tutoring and programs such as the Jewish Youth Encounter Program (JYEP), where I was matched with a student for whom I would provide the first exposure to Jewish culture through weekly sessions.

However the most eye opening and academically inspiring experience I have ever had was not as a student, but as a teacher. For a number of summers, I have also tutored individuals with special needs, ages five to fifteen, on a variety of academic subjects as part of a summer program for disabled children. Of all the children that I worked with, one has left a permanent mark on me as a teacher, student, and person. When I met this boy, I had been told that just a few years ago he was nearly nonverbal. I was astonished to hear this, noting his talkative and friendly disposition whenever I interacted with him. I always wondered how it was that he overcame his handicap. One day, I was asked to tutor him in math and warned that math was particularly difficult for him. As we worked through the problems, I guided him step by step. Just a few minutes in, he looked at me and with a smile, declared, "next time, I am going to do it all by myself." It was at that moment that I learned power of perseverance. I have carried that message throughout my years at Princeton and will forever see this student as one of my greatest teachers.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: B.A. Concentration in Psychology

High School:

Awards & Honors: Robert C. Byrd Scholarship nominee, Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar nominee, AP Scholar with Distinction, High School Faculty Honors in Drama and several Judaic subjects
Interests & Activities: Peer tutor, freshman advisor, open house panelist, mock trial captain, annual charity drive class representative member of the drama society, editor in chief of FrischoffthePress.com, the school’s online news source, leader of Stage Right improvisational acting troupe, yearbook staff member
SAT Scores: 740 Math, 780 Critical Reading, 780 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 US History, 5 English Language and Composition, 4 English Literature, 4 Physics
SAT Subject Tests: 770 US History, 790 Biology


Other Awards: Chosen to be a Student Tour Guide at the Princeton Art Museum among a sizable pool of applicants
Other Interests & Activities: Drama, Student Tour Guide at the Princeton Art Museum
Location: Princeton University

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