The foundation of teaching is, undoubtedly, communication. Given my international history, attending eight schools across three continents before attending Princeton, paired with my academic study of theatre, I have always been passionate about education and exploring what makes an effective communicator.

My outlook on education is deeply rooted in customizing the learning experience to each student’s unique interests and objectives; it is essential to listen to the student’s needs while understanding exactly how his or her mind best processes information. As a tutor, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that a student does not simply regurgitate the information, but internalizes it to the point where he or she is genuinely stimulated by and excited about the material.

In my spare time, I find myself performing or directing for the theatre, making music, or swimming.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Independent Concentration in Performance Studies
Other Degrees/Minors: Certificate in Theatre

High School:

Awards & Honors: National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar, California Stellar Student Award Recipient, National Honor Society Member, Princeton Creative Arts and Humanities Symposium Attendee
Interests & Activities: Directing, Acting, Composing, Model United Nations, Tri-M Music Honor Society (Vice President), Dance, Varsity Swimming
SAT Scores: 800 Math, 750 Critical Reading, 720 Writing
AP Exams: 41 IB Diploma Score, 7 IB Theatre HL, 6 IB Philosophy HL, 6 IB English HL, 7 IB Mathematics SL, 6 IB Biology SL, 6 IB Spanish SL
SAT Subject Tests: 770 Math Level 2, 760 Literature, 720 Biology


Other Awards: Martin A. Dale ’53 Summer Award
Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I am involved in: Princeton University Glee Club, Quipfire! Improv Comedy, Princeton University Players, Theatre Intime, and Club Swim
Location: Princeton University

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