I come from an academic and athletic background and my tutoring approach reflects both. I enjoy academics and sports because I enjoy the process of discovering new aspects of yourself and of the material in question. I graduated from Middlebury College after having majored in math. When I was in high school, math did not come easily for me and I only became better at it through consistent work and a willingness to keep trying, even when I was confused and frustrated. I believe this willingness to struggle through a topic when it seems hard is what really lets people achieve new levels of success. I also think that the best way to do this is to make the process rewarding and create a connection between the work done and the new level of ability gained. Since leaving college I have had the opportunity to coach a variety of levels of athletics as well as tutor high school and college students in math and physics. I have found the process very similar and in both cases, enjoyable and rewarding.

I have a wide range of interests. While my academic and work background has been primarily in math and quantitative analysis, I also have a passion for history. I particularly like to read Greek and Roman history and analysis of its lessons for today. Since graduating college, much of my focus has been devoted to rowing. I trained at clubs in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Vermont with the intention of making the U.S. National Rowing team. I achieved this in 2019, competing for the U.S. in the Pan American Games in Peru. I have learned a lot from this athletic experience and hope to apply the lessons in an academic setting.


Education: Middlebury College
Undergrad Major: A.B. Mathematical Sciences; Minor in Classical Civilizations

High School:

Awards & Honors: Sophomore and Senior Math Student Award, Senior Student-Athlete Award, Senior Athlete Award
Interests & Activities: Roman and Greek History, Running
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 Calculus AB
SAT Subject Tests: 780 Math Level 2


Other Awards: United States Pan American 2x - 2019
Won Head of the Charles Men's Champ 2x - 2018
Other Interests & Activities: During college and since leaving college I have rowed. Since leaving Middlebury I competed as an elite rower competing at the national and international level. I was accepted and trained full time as part of the Craftsbury Green Racing Project in Vermont. Prior to that I worked as a research assistant in a neuroscience lab.
Location: Middlebury College

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