My name is Mimi, and I am a student at Princeton University from Foster City, CA. I am currently exploring a myriad of different classes and fields of study to find a concentration and career path. I hope to be a veterinarian, nurse, data analyst, or product designer, although I am open to other possibilities. As of now, I am a college consultant as well as a tutor because I genuinely enjoy answering students' questions and helping them achieve their short and long term goals

I joined Princeton Tutoring because I want to share my passion and enjoyment of learning to others so they will have a positive learning experience as well. I only started liking math when the concepts clicked and the purpose of math class was made evident, and from then on I looked forward to learning the next chapters and making connections to what I previously knew. I hope I can share this feeling with another student so they too can have a positive academic experience. I would consider myself to have a strong math base with subjects such as pre-algebra, algebra, and trigonometry. Additionally I would be happy to teach calculus since that was my favorite math class in high school. Apart from STEM fields, I have a strong foundation in beginner's Spanish as well, and would be more than happy to help a student new to the language. I've had the most experience teaching kids younger than me, and on my diving team there were divers ages 10 – 18 that I trained with every day. I'm willing to tutor anyone who is determined to improve and will work hard with me to get there. I believe that drive and passion will yield success in the classroom and beyond.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Psychology

High School:

Awards & Honors: California Scholarship Federation Award, President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award, All American (Diving), Provident Credit Union Scholarship Award, Palo Alto High School Distinguished Scholar Award, AP Scholar with Honor, Varsity Diving MVP (x4), League Champion (x4), CCS Champion (2x), CIF State Champion
Interests & Activities: Varsity Diving (Captain, 4 years), Varsity Gymnastics (1 year), Varsity Badminton (1 year), Youth Community Service Club (4 years), Glassblowing (2 years), DPS Animal Rescue (2 years)

ACT Scores: 31 Composite, 28 English, 31 Math, 29 Reading, 34 Science, 9 Writing
AP Exams: 4 Biology, 5 Calculus AB, 5 Statistics, 5 Psychology
SAT Subject Tests: 760 Math Level 2, 710 Biology


Location: Princeton University

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