Hello! My name is Michael Tran, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Engineering from Princeton University. I am deeply passionate about education and have dedicated much of my free time to supporting educational programs, especially those aimed at first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented communities.

I have been tutoring on and off since high school and continued to peer-tutor throughout my undergraduate years at Princeton. My experience spans a wide range of subjects and age groups, with a particular focus on mathematics, sciences, and college essay writing. One of my proudest achievements is coordinating an online tutoring program that brought supplementary education to many communities negatively impacted by COVID.

I have had extensive success in obtaining scholarships, such as the Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship for $40,000, the Elks MVS Top 20 for $20,000, and more. Additionally, I have successfully assisted many of my peers with their college, graduate school, and medical school applications, helping them to present their best selves and achieve their academic and career goals.

Tutoring is incredibly fulfilling for me because I love helping others learn and succeed. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student have that “aha” moment when they finally understand a challenging concept. My goal is to make learning a positive and confidence-building experience for every student I work with.

My strongest subjects are math, sciences, and college essay writing. I excel at breaking down complex topics into manageable parts and providing clear, step-by-step explanations. I also help students develop effective study habits and organizational skills, which are essential for long-term academic success.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: B.A. in Computer Science

High School:

Class Rank: 2nd (Salutatorian)
Awards & Honors: National Horatio Alger Scholar (100 selected in the US per year), Elks National MVS Top 20 Award), Lockheed Martin Stem Scholar
Interests & Activities: National Honor Society, Culture Club (my high school did not have a lot of resources)
SAT Scores: 1570 (800 Math, 770 Reading)


Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I co-led an arts outreach program which brought resources and enrichment opportunities to underfunded/under-resourced high schools. I also was a head fellow for SIFP (now EBCAO) mentoring first-gen low-income college students, did TA work for several classes, was a head officer at Scully Co-op, active with QuestBridge student programming, and more that I can't remember off the top of my head.
Location: Other

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