I’m a published writer with a bachelor’s in English from Cornell University and a master’s from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. I taught freshman composition and creative writing at the University of Iowa for three years. Since 2014, I’ve been working with high school seniors, helping them craft college application essays that most effectively capture their interests, accomplishments, and goals. I’ve worked with STEM and humanities students and found success with both. I’m also experienced with portfolio applications for the fine arts and the West Point application process. Past students of mine have been accepted to Princeton, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UChicago, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Duke, Northwestern, Dartmouth, Brown, Rice, Wash U in St. Louis, Cornell, Columbia, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, NYU, UMichigan, USC, UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Tufts, Boston College, UTexas Austin, UWisconsin, Tulane, UMaryland, UMiami, Syracuse, Indiana. I think it’s really exciting when students harness their potential and create something that’s so singular to who they are. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing golf with friends and traveling.


Education: Cornell University
Undergrad Major: B.A. English
Other Degrees/Minors: M.F.A. Iowa Writers' Workshop

High School:


Other Awards: My fiction has appeared in literary magazines like ZYZZYVA. I also co-wrote and co-produced a feature-length film that won a Gold Remi at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.
Other Interests & Activities: In college, I played intramural ice hockey. In grad school, I played intramural softball. Nowadays, I like to read, write, play golf and watch movies.
Location: Other

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