Perhaps I like tutoring because I have so much experience as a student myself. And because I too have felt frustration with certain topics that don't come easily, I can relate to others wishing to improve in specific areas. Statistics is one area that seems to worry many students, but I've often found that the underlying conceptual framework is the trickiest part. Once you 'get it', though, the rest falls into place with much less difficulty. Helping others get to that point is really rewarding, and the feeling of accomplishment is always shared. When I'm not tutoring or working on my degree in psychology, I might be doing a home renovation project (or planning the next one), out on my bicycle, or practicing martial arts.


Education: UCLA
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Other Degrees/Minors: J.D. Villanova Law; M.S. Drexel University

High School:

Awards & Honors: National Honor Society, Taekwondo tournament placings
Interests & Activities: Varsity Tennis, Varsity Swimming, Lead and supporting roles in numerous dramas and musicals
SAT Scores: 720 Math, 660 Critical Reading
SAT Subject Tests: 680 Math I; 720 English Comp


Other Awards: Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award Nominee, 1st Place at the College of Arts and Sciences Research Day, Student Board Member of the Philadelphia Behavioral Therapy Association, an invited speaker at the Psi-Chi Graduate Student Panel, plus numerous research posters and talks at various academic conferences
Other Interests & Activities: At UCLA, I was involved in: the Undergraduate Students Associated Council, IFC Risk Management, Fraternity House Management, and the LAPD Victim/Witness Assistance Program. In graduate school, I have been involved in research, academic writing, teaching, and supervised clinical practice in a variety of settings.
Location: UCLA

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