I have loved teaching since I was little and volunteered as a tutor in high school, working with homeless children in the Los Angeles area. Princeton has given me the opportunity to travel several times over the past three years — to Germany (twice), Ecuador, and India — and because of these travels I now plan on becoming an English teacher in Germany or Spain upon graduating.

I’m also an aspiring writer. I love books and music both as passive entertainment and as an artistic outlet and can talk about them for hours on end. I hope that my enthusiasm for the humanities and for sharing knowledge will continue to radiate from my tutoring, as it has done before.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Comparative Literature

High School:

Class Rank: 1
Awards & Honors: National Merit Scholar, National Spanish Exam Gold Award
Interests & Activities: School on Wheels (Volunteer Tutoring Organization), School Newspaper (Opinion Page Editor), School Radio Station (DJ), Baseball
SAT Scores: 790 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing
AP Exams: 5 European History, 5 Language and Composition, 5 Comparative Government, 5 US History, 5 Chemistry, 5 Literature, 5 US Government, 5 Calculus BC
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Literature, 790 US History, 760 Spanish


Other Interests & Activities: WPRB (DJ), Cheese and Bad Movies Club (Vice President)
Location: Princeton University

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