I am currently in my second year as a student at Yale Divinity School. I have taken multiple poetry and literature classes during my time here. At Middlebury, I worked for one of the most well-regarded reviews in the country: The New England Review. I also majored in Literary Studies and took a few poetry workshop courses. I write and read a lot of poetry and have worked with students on their poetry through tutoring and through teaching. 

I love inspiring students with my love for reading and writing. I have been a life-long lover of books, and I believe that anyone can learn to appreciate the wonder, power, and value of great books. 


Education: Middlebury College
Undergrad Major: Literary Studies
Other Degrees/Minors: Yale Divinity School

High School:

Class Rank: 10%
Awards & Honors: Cum Laude Society, Student Government President, Varsity Crew, President of Hun School Speech and Debate
Interests & Activities: Speech and Debate, Student Government, Literary Magazine, Cross Country, Crew, Fencing
SAT Scores: 670 Math, 730 Critical Reading, 680 Writing
AP Exams: 4 Calculus, 5 AP US History, 4 AP Literature, 4 AP Spanish, 4 AP Biology, 4 AP European History

SAT Subject Tests: 670 Literature, 690 Spanish, 720 US History


Other Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, College Scholar
Location: Middlebury College

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