I'm just a humble girl from the college town of Amherst, Massachusetts. My specific interests include machine intelligence, technology policy, and the New England Patriots (ask me how I feel about Tom Brady). My greatest and life-shapingest interest, computer science, was nurtured by an amazing programming teacher in high school who encouraged me to keep learning, even when I felt like everyone around me knew it all already. I became a tutor because I want every young person to have the same chance that I did to find and pursue their passion.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Computer Science

High School:

Awards & Honors: National Merit Semifinalist, University of Rochester Honorary Bausch & Lomb Science Award Recipient, Rochester Institute of Technology Medal in Computing Awardee, University of Chicago Book Award Recipient
Interests & Activities: Science Olympiad (President), Model United Nations club (Secretary), National Honor Society, Women in Engineering club, Habitat for Humanity (Volunteer)
SAT Scores: 780 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 780 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 Calculus BC, 5 Physics (Mechanics)
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Literature, 720 Chemistry, 780 Math Level II


Other Awards: Streicker International Fellow
Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I'm involved in: the on-campus humor magazine the Princeton Tiger (Staff Writer / Editor), the women's Ultimate Frisbee team Stopwatch (player), and the Princeton International Relations Council (as a Committee Chair for the upcoming conference PUMNC).
Location: Princeton University

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