My name is Lindsey and I am from Boise, Idaho. I am fascinated by the government and international relations, and majored in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs in undergrad. Now, I am a graduate student pursuing my masters degree in global affairs at George Mason University. Some of my other interests include creative writing, the heptathlon (I am on the women’s varsity track and field team at George Mason and was on the team throughout Princeton, too), music, and, of course, tutoring! I was a peer tutor throughout high school, and have also spent considerable time tutoring middle schoolers throughout my Princeton career, particularly in various math levels. I also tutor Korean students and business professionals to help them enhance their English-speaking skills. A few interesting facts about me are: I placed second at the Junior Olympics in High Jump, I was Valedictorian in high school, and I am an avid pogo-stick and jump-roper (yes, simultaneously). I love spending time with and being able to teach children and teenagers. Indeed, one of my favorite parts of tutoring is being able to learn with them during the process and helping them find a love for learning, which is why I am so excited to be a Princeton Tutor!


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

High School:

Class Rank: 1
Awards & Honors: College Board AP Scholar with Distinction, Girl Scout Silver Award, State Track Champion (6x), All-State Track Academic Honor Roll, All-State Volleyball Academic Honor Roll, State Volleyball Top 5 Finisher (2x), Elected Student Athlete Wellness Leader at Princeton University
Interests & Activities: Poetry/Writing, Reading, Singing, Knitting, Music, Varsity Track and Field Team, Varsity Volleyball Team, Spanish Club, Mathletes, Princeton Student Health Advisory Board

ACT Scores: 34 Composite
AP Exams: 4 Chemistry, 4 Language and Composition, 3 Physics I, 4 Government, 3 US History, 4 Literature and Composition


Other Awards: Elected Student Athlete Wellness Leader
Other Interests & Activities: Poetry/Writing
Student Health Advisory Board
Varsity Women's Track and Field Team
Location: Princeton University

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