Kyung Eun


My name is Kyung Eun, and I’m an undergraduate student in the humanities at Princeton University. I’m studying literature and theory in the Comparative Literature department, and I have a great appreciation for language. I enjoy tutoring because it not only connects me back to my communities, but I enjoy learning subjects again through a fresh set of eyes. It broadens my perspective and helps me learn more about myself as well. My previous tutoring experience is in English and Math, but I am most comfortable tutoring subjects in English and Language Arts. My personal goals beyond Princeton are continuing higher education and conducting scholarly research.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: A. B. Comparative Literature
Other Degrees/Minors: Certificates in Values and Public Life and Ethnographic Studies

High School:

Awards & Honors: Varsity golf, 2018 AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) Champion, 2020 AJGA Palo Alto 2nd place, 2017-2018 Hawaii State Women's Amateur Champion
Interests & Activities: Varsity Kayak Team, Varsity Golf, Key Club, Drone Club, Volunteer work for local church Sunday school, photography and fashion club


Other Interests & Activities: Contributing Writer for The Prospect at the Daily Princetonian and Member of the Korean Students Association at Princeton.
Location: Princeton, NJ

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