Kristian began his writing instructor career at Brown University where he earned an M.A.T. in English and Education. Working with both undergraduate and graduate students, he became known for his expertise in building student writers from the ground up – first mastering the fundamentals of composition, then aiding students to establish clear lines of reasoning across the expository modes with voice, rhythm, and flow.
During his time at Brown, Kristian also worked in the undergraduate admissions office reading and critiquing college application essays. In this role, he found himself saying “yay” and “nay” to prospective candidates based on the quality of their writing. This experience lent to Kristian’s ability to help college applicants write compelling and memorable application essays that are sure to impress college admissions boards.
Upon graduating from Brown, Kristian launched his career as a secondary ELA teacher in Upstate New York – a place he has called home for the last twenty years. Early in his career, the professional community dubbed Kristian the “Bob Ross of Composition.” He quickly realized that there is a seismic difference between “assigning” written work and explicitly “teaching” it.
To teach writing, Kristian “paints” with his students through modeling and close reading exemplars. Over the course of his career, he has developed a set of templates that demystify the writing process and make the process easier and more successful.
In addition to having completed his graduate work at Brown University, Kristian earned a second graduate degree in Literacy Education from St. John Fisher College. During his studies, he developed a vast repertoire of strategies to help struggling and emerging readers and writers actualize their full potential. Throughout his twenty years of classroom experience, Kristian has helped countless LD (learning different/learning disabled) students flourish and take off as readers, writers, thinkers, and college applicants.
Kristian also trains teachers in his writing techniques and modalities. At present, he is a lead instructor for The National Writing Project where he facilitates teacher training programs. And in fall of 2023, Kristian will be a lead presenter at the National Council of Teachers of English conference in Anaheim, California.
Kristian is also an accomplished writer who has authored six collections of poetry and textbooks – Teaching Teachers How to Teach Writing and What If We Taught Composition Like Bob Ross Teaches Painting? You can also find him hosting a popular YouTube channel, Teaching Teachers How to Teach Writing, and a Facebook group, Teachers Making Better Writers.


Education: University College Galway, Brown University
Undergrad Major: English/Theology/Philosophy
Other Degrees/Minors: Master of Arts in Teaching English/Education at Brown University

High School:

Class Rank: 3
Awards & Honors: National Honor Society
Interests & Activities: Poetry/Guitar/Soccer/Bowling
SAT Scores: 1580


Other Awards: Lead teacher the National Writing Project; Lead contributor NCTE; Author of two composition textbooks; Author of five collections of poetry; Curate one of the most popular educational YouTube channels; Earned a second Masters from St. John Fisher College in literacy education
Other Interests & Activities: Teaching full-time; church; yoga and meditation
Location: Other

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