I’m an undergraduate at Princeton. Since high school I’ve been interested mainly in math, science, and engineering, and I’ve believed in learning and doing your best in school. I took a gap year during the pandemic, which for me was a one-year break from school in which I did a lot of construction work and tried to see what life is like outside of academics. Since 2021 I have been back studying at Princeton, and as I reach the end of my time here I have gotten involved in research related to steel design. I’m excited to help younger students meet their educational and test prep goals.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

High School:

Interests & Activities: Newspaper
SAT Scores: 1580: 800 Math, 780 Verbal
AP Exams: AP Physics 1: 5, Physics C (Mechanics): 5, Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism): 5, Calc BC: 5 , APUSH: 5, Macro: 5, Micro: 5, AP Language: 5, AP Literature: 5, Spanish: 5
SAT Subject Tests: 790 Biology, 800 Chemistry, 800 Math Level 2, 800 Physics


Location: Princeton, NJ

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