One of my favorite musicians and comedians of all time is Victor Borge, who once said, "A smile is the shortest distance between two people." And to me, laughter is an even more intimate smile. Whenever I meet people for the first time, I try to ease the tension that comes with making friends by trying to make them laugh. I believe that one of my purposes in life is to make people laugh because laughter is something that helps us understand each other, despite our differences. And I embody this attitude when I teach and tutor as well.

I find so much joy in helping a student unlock his or her potential, and I think laughter is an integral part of that. I once tutored a student in AP Biology. Her strength was not science, but she wanted to challenge herself that year. I admired her grit and her willingness to attack a challenge head-on. I still remember a mnemonic device that we developed to help her remember the lac operon: Beta-galactosidase breaks lactose down into lactose and galactose. We imagined an outer-space war between milk people and aliens and magic swords. The image is very vivid and humorous, and neither of us have forgotten it. But I do believe it was the fun and laughter that we shared that caused her to improve exponentially in the class and actually begin to enjoy the material. This is the type of experience I hope to enjoy with my students. And I am very much looking forward to engaging with students who can take advantage of my approach to academics.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Chemistry
Other Degrees/Minors: Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering

High School:

Class Rank: 1
Awards & Honors: Valedictorian, National Merit Semifinalist, Robert A. Benton Memorial Award for Outstanding Sensitivity and Creativity in Intellectual Pursuits, National AP Scholar California Scholarship Federation, Silver Level Princeton Book Award, ACL Student Athlete of the Year, 10th Grade Class President, Outstanding Achievement Award in Science, Varsity Football CIF-State Academic Team Champions, Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, Vocal Music Faculty Award, Cum Laude Society
Interests & Activities: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Oneonta, Congregational Church Chancel Choir, Athletic Council on Leadership, The Flintridge Press, Senior Sports Editor
SAT Scores: 770 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 780 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 Chemistry, 5 Physics C Mechanics, 5 Spanish Language, 5 English Literature, 5 European History, 5 US History, 5 US Government, 5 Calculus AB
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Mathematics IIC, 800 Biology M, 790 United States History


Other Awards: Winner, Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Williamson Sermon Competition
Other Interests & Activities: Chinese Students Association, President Princeton University Chapel Choir, Social Chair Manna Christian Fellowship, Small Group Leader Princeton Faith & Action, Worship Team Member
Location: Princeton University

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