I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, and after spending five years in California for college, I am excited to be back home! As an undergrad I combined my love for the humanities and the sciences in my interdisciplinary Human Biology major. I love understanding what makes us all human – from our cells to our cultures. I am passionate about increasing the quality of written science communication, although I also love to read literature and work on my own creative writing.

I enjoyed getting to meet a diversity of people on campus and in the Bay Area through my various extracurriculars in college. I worked as a patient health educator at a free clinic, was a writing tutor for the Stanford writing center, and volunteered as a peer counselor on campus. After graduation, I was hired to work as a Course Associate – a full-time TA – to teach the 100+ college sophomores who take the Human Biology core curriculum. Through these experiences I learned how to explain complex issues in an engaging and clear way and understood the importance of being an empathetic listener. As a tutor I enjoy creating a supportive learning environment where everyone can feel comfortable, and I strongly believe that cultivating a love for learning is the basis for sustainable academic success. The subjects I most often tutor are Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Writing (History or English), and MCAT.

In my time back in New Jersey I’ve worked as a substitute teacher at the Pennington School, as a private tutor and have volunteered with the Pride Center of NJ. I’ve just arrived home in the States after spending six months in South Africa doing field research with chacma baboons on their behavior and interactions with human communities. This upcoming year I am applying to PhD programs in the hopes of studying Human Evolution and Behavior.


Education: Stanford University
Undergrad Major: Human Biology

High School:

Class Rank: NA
Awards & Honors: The Lever F. Stewart Prize (awarded to that student who has achieved the most outstanding record in Biology), The Sterling Morton Prize (awarded to a student of U.S. history who has submitted an outstanding research paper), The Brown University Book Award (presented to one junior who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression), The Eglin Society Award (presented to selected junior students for unselfish, uncalculating service to Lawrenceville and to fellow students, for kindness and generous instincts to help the young or weak, and for leadership, particularly as evinced in acts of moral courage), National Merit Scholar Commended Student, AP Scholar with Distinction
Interests & Activities: Editor in Chief of Prize Papers, Head Ropes Course Instructor, Kirby House Honor Representative, Community Service (tutoring and after-school activities for young children), Varsity Field Hockey, Tour Guide
SAT Scores: 700+ Math, 700+ Critical Reading
AP Exams: 5 Calculus AB, 5 MicroEconomics, 5 MacroEconomics, 5 U.S. History
SAT Subject Tests: 800 French, 790 Biology, 710 Math Level 2, 760 Literature


Other Interests & Activities: In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, exploring, and watching local wildlife. I love reading fiction and nonfiction, talking about my favorite books and movies, and visiting all kinds of museums.
Location: New Jersey and Maine

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