Hi! My name’s Cooper, and I studied biology and computer science at Harvard, but I spent my free time climbing, running along the Charles River, and writing in local Cambridge coffee shops. Over my COVID gap year, I worked as a tutor and an educational aid outside of Boston for an 11th-grade honors student with physical disabilities, and that’s when I fell in love with teaching. My favorite part of the experience is watching the “aha!” moment: seeing the material really click in the student’s mind and watching them apply it and explain it to others. I particularly enjoy working with high schoolers because their critical thinking skills are growing faster than ever before, and they’re great at deeply-understanding (or debating!) concepts. My tutoring experience made me realize I’d like to pursue a teaching degree after my time at Harvard. Some other aspirations, passions, and priorities of mine include writing science journalism, making and listening to music, exercising, baking, binging mystery shows, and spending time with my friends.


Education: Harvard University
Undergrad Major: Human Evolutionary Biology
Other Degrees/Minors: Minor in Computer Science

High School:

Class Rank: 1
Awards & Honors: Valedictorian, National Merit Semi-Finalist, National Quarterfinalist in Persuasive Speaking, State Runner-Up for Persuasive Speaking, President of Class, Multiple Leads in Musicals, Golf Letter Winner, Public Service Award.
Interests & Activities: Speech & Debate, captain & state runner-up and national quarter-finalist; High School Newspaper, editor in chief; Lead of several musical productions; HAM Radio Club; tutoring on side; golf team, captain; National Honors Society; Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society); Drug Prevention Program.
SAT Scores: 1510: Math 790, Verbal 720
AP Exams: AP Chemistry: 4
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Math Level 1, 790 Math Level 2, 750 Spanish with Listening


Other Interests & Activities: At Harvard, I'm involved in: The Harvard Din & Tonics A Cappella Group (Tenor I, Vice President, Tour Manager), The Harvard First-Year Outdoor Program (Trip Leader, Steering Committee, Summer Staff).
Location: Other

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