I grew up in Suzhou and excelled in some of China's top schools. I was one of the top 5 students in Suzhuo High School, which is one of the top high schools in China; I have also earned a BA in Architecture from one of the top architecture universities in China and an MA in Statistics from Rutgers. I moved to the States because my husband decided to pursue a PhD here. I am currently a full-time mother and part-time private tutor. In the past couple of years, I have worked with 30+ students in Mandarin and Math and have worked as an architect in China and in the US.


Education: Southeast University, Rutgers University
Undergrad Major: Architecture
Other Degrees/Minors: Master of Statistics (Rutgers)

High School:

Class Rank: 1%
Interests & Activities: Chinese calligraphy, Math Club, painting


Location: Southeast University, Rutgers University

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