I am a Princeton grad currently living in London, England! I have an extensive background working in education, which includes: acting as a full time math teacher in a Ghanaian middle school, private tutoring elementary through high school students in a range of subjects, working for an Educational Consultancy firm where I received training in test prep and learning differences, and acting as a College Counselor for students from different sub-Saharan African countries. I have learned to be adaptable in how I interact with people and have gained versatility in catering to varied individuals. I believe every student deserves to be considered deeply, not just as another number, but as the fully-fledged, multidimensional, complicated person that they truly are. There is no magic bullet – change happens through incremental and sustained effort over time. It involves attention, awareness, and discipline in a myriad of small and challenging ways, day in and day out. I believe that connection and strong interpersonal relationships are what really empowers people. An enthusiast of experiential learning, I love to explore the world and thrive on going outside of my comfort zone.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Philosophy

High School:

Class Rank: 2
Awards & Honors: Salutatorian, Harvard Book Award, Weston Women's League Youth Scholarship, Sandy Wiehl Memorial Award, Yearbook Award, National Honor Society, UN International School COnference Bio-Ethics, Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Female Scholar Athlete of the Year, Weston High School Boosters Club Scholar Athlete Award, CHSCA Senior All Star Volleyball (MVP - West Team), CHSCA All-State Volleyball Team, South-West Conference Volleyball First Team, South-West Conference Basketball First Team, Most Valuable Player Weston High School Basketball Team, Weston Basketball Association Scholarship
Interests & Activities: Yearbook (Executive Editor), UNICEF Club (President, Treasurer), Habitat for Humanity (Co-Founder and Treasurer), Key Club (Secretary), Varsity Volleyball (Captain), Varsity Basketball (Captain), ADAP (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program), Domestic Violence Task Force, Norwalk Hospital Volunteer, Full Court Peace Volunteer
SAT Scores: 800 Math, 760 Critical Reading
AP Exams: 5 US History, 5 European History, 5 Biology, 5 Literature, 5 AB Calculus, 4 Language, 4 Government
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Math Level 2, 800 Biology E, 800 Chemistry


Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I was involved in Princeton Club Volleyball, Princeton Club Basketball, Petey Greene Prison Assistance Program, Human Values Forum, and the Giving What We Can Philanthropy Fellowship. I worked as an Intramural Supervisor for Princeton Campus Recreation and as an intern for Princeton in Africa. I also participated in three Princeton student-driven alternative breaks that encourage engagement with social issues through immersion in communities, service, and reflection (Detroit, New York, and Alabama). Moreover, I participated in three Princeton international seminars (Tanzania, Germany, and Brazil), as well as a Princeton international internship in Uganda. Before I began my time on campus, I was a participant in Princeton's Bridge Year Program (I delayed the start of my freshman year to engage in 9 months of University-sponsored service in Ghana, West Africa).
Location: Princeton University

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