From 2011 to 2017 I taught pre-calculus to linear algebra level math classes as a graduate student in math at the University of Nebraska. While there, I worked with students as an instructor, as a tutor in the Math Resource Center and as a private tutor. As an undergraduate I also tutored chemistry as a member of the honors fraternity for 4 years.

I enjoyed my time teaching and tutoring, and am excited for the opportunity to return to working with students as I am now 'only' a researcher. Helping motivated learners develop a deeper and broader understanding of the material they are studying through hands on instruction and guidance is extremely rewarding, and now that my wife and I are settled into the area, I look forward to getting to work with students again.

When working with a student I strive to ensure the student is not only developing specific subject knowledge, but good study habits and an ability to work independently. As such I find it critical to give students space to struggle, to encourage them as they do, and to help them understand how to use the other resources around them. I am very comfortable tutoring math and the core sciences (Bio, Chem, Phys).


Education: Truman State University
Undergrad Major: Biology and Mathematics
Other Degrees/Minors: Ph.D. in Mathematics (University of Nebraska)

High School:

Awards & Honors: Top 5 finish at Missouri Great Plains Math League Competition each year, 4 Year Participant on Missouri's American Regions Math League (ARML) team (including two Top 12 Finishes in our division), each year I advanced from the AMC12 to the AIME as an individual, AP scholar with distinction
Interests & Activities: Math Team (high school team and city team), soccer, wrestling
SAT Scores: 770 Math, 700 Critical Reading, 640 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 Chemistry, 5 Statistics, 5 Calculus BC, 5 Psychology, 4 European History, 4 Computer Science AB, 4 German, 4 English Language and Composition


Other Awards: Alpha Chi Sigma (Chemistry Honors Fraternity), Beta Beta Beta (Biology Honors Society), Graduate with General Honors, Departmental Honors in Biology and Departmental Honors in Mathematics, 95th percentile or better on both Math and Biology Senior Level Major Field Assessment Tests and the Junior Level College Assessment of Academic Proficiency
Other Interests & Activities: Academic Affairs Chair in Student Government, Served as member of Student Board reviewing Student Athletic Fee for Student Government, Fraternity officer for 4 years as well as alumnus member of Board of Advisors, regularly play contract bridge in ACBL events
Location: Truman State University

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