I received my PhD from Princeton’s English Department. My research focused on Victorian fiction, with specific interests in the rise of the novel, studies of narrative, and theories of form. At Princeton I had the pleasure of TAing courses covering everything from James Joyce’s “Ulysses” to Guillermo del Toro’s film “Pan’s Labyrinth”. In addition to my research and departmental teaching duties I worked in the Princeton Writing Center as a Writing Fellow, offering conferences to undergraduates and graduate students at all levels. I joined The Prison Teaching Initiative and taught college level courses to inmates who were working towards their Associates and Bachelors degrees.

I did my undergraduate work at Stanford University, where I majored in English and received honors in the humanities. I got my Masters in English literature at the University of Oxford. In between my various academic stints, I worked in Thailand as a tutor and college councilor for a summer, and also spent a few years working in publishing for Bedford/St. Martin’s in New York.

Apart from literature, my great passion is music and I’ve been playing the violin since I was 3 years old. I served as the concertmaster for the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony for many years, participated in the orchestra and chamber music programs at Stanford and Oxford, and have been a member of the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony in New York. Music is a great supplement and diversion from the rest of my academic pursuits and has taken me places I would never have expected, from music festivals in Italy to Carnegie Hall.

Now I live in Boston, and am a lecturer at Tufts University where I teach in the First Year Writing Program. While I’m not writing and teaching, I’m learning how to play roller derby.


Education: Stanford University
Undergrad Major: English
Other Degrees/Minors: University of Oxford - M.St. in English; Princeton University - Masters in English; Princeton University - PhD

High School:


Other Awards: Henry L. Terrie Fellowship in English; Arthur P. Morgan Fellowship in English; Lawrence V. Ryan Prize for Innovative Research in an Interdisciplinary Field in the Humanities; Grant, Rebele Foundation
Other Interests & Activities: While working on my PhD at Princeton I was co-organizer of the Princeton Victorian Colloquium, member of the North American Victorian Studies Association, and committee member of the Princeton-Rutgers Victorian Symposium.
Location: Other

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