At Princeton, I worked as a teaching assistant for the intensive summer study-abroad course in Marine Biology at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, where I taught precepts about species identification, lab reports, and data analysis, and gave a full-length lecture on cephalopods. As part of my duties I also organized in-lab exercises and field work, assisted in writing and grading quizzes, exams and lab reports. I was chosen from the previous year’s students by the professors for having “the perfect combination of marine interests, intellectual abilities, and social skills.” I also worked as a Physics 101 tutor at Princeton's McGraw Center for Learning, and I was recommended by a professor to become a writing advisor at Princeton's Writing Center.

In the year after I graduated from Princeton, I taught English at a K-12 boarding school in Southern Thailand in a fishing village that was devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. There I learned a lot about teaching, student-teacher relationships, and about myself. It was an incredible experience, and I miss my students every day. I hope to return to Thailand to visit some of my star pupils and see how they have progressed since I left!

During my time teaching in Thailand I was blessed with the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia and learn a lot about Southeast Asian cultures in particular. I hope to return to Thailand, or move to Hong Kong, my birthplace, and work for an environmental NGO to contribute to mounting efforts to control climate change/marine degradation.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Other Degrees/Minors: Environmental Studies

High School:

Awards & Honors: Departmental Awards for Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Math, Social Studies, and English Departments, Varsity Swimming and Diving MVP (4 Years), Individual League Champion (4 Years), State Division Champion and Individual Record Holder (1 Year), Pacific Swimming Division Individual Record Holder, Olympic Trials Qualifier
Interests & Activities: Varsity Swimming and Diving (Captain 2 years), Club swimming (Captain 1 year), art classes
SAT Scores: 780 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 790 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Calculus AB, 5 Psychology, 5 English, 5 Statistics, 5 United States History
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Math Level 2, 800 Chemistry


Other Awards: Graduated with High Honors in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department, Varsity Swimming and Diving (Team Captain), NCAA Qualifier, Individual High-Point Scorer, Swimming and Diving Team awards: Matthew R. Weiner Memorial Award for “inspirational dedication with integrity, a challenging intensity and a genuine respect for himself, his teammates, and his university," William B. Nash II Memorial Award "for outstanding sportsmanship and performance by a freshman"
Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I was involved with the Men's Varsity Swimming and Diving Team for four years (as captain my senior year), with diSiac Dance Company as a dancer for four years, with Cloister Inn Eating Club as a member for 3 years and as a Core Officer (House Manager) living in the club for one year, with the Princeton Reunions Organizational Team as the Assistant Manager and then as the Manager for the 45th reunion.
Location: Princeton University

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