I have always had a broad range of interests, from music and dance to software design and law. One thing that has been consistent, however, is the enjoyment I get from teaching. I have tutored academic subjects and taught music and dance off and on for almost a decade, and whatever other career options I pursue I expect that teaching – in one form or another – will always be part of my life. I have been working with students through Princeton Tutoring since 2011, and have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with my students. I have always had an interest in technology and games, and I worked as a software designer in California for a couple years after graduating from Princeton.

Since returning to New Jersey, I've been able to combine my academic interests with my experience in software in law school by researching intellectual property law as it applies to online technologies. Last summer I received a Google Policy Fellowship and worked in D.C. on technological policy issues.

Outside of academics, I am very interested in music, and play piano, guitar, and ukulele. I also am very involved in the local contra dance community (a kind of folk dance), and participate in swing dancing, blues dancing, and ballroom dancing, as well. Being a good teacher and a good student go hand in hand, so I try to expose myself to new kinds of music and dance to give myself opportunities to learn.


Education: Princeton University, Rutgers Law
Undergrad Major: Philosophy (Princeton)
Other Degrees/Minors: Juris Doctorate (Rutgers School of Law)

High School:

Awards & Honors: National AP Scholar, Cum Laude, Senior Prize in French, University of Rochester Social Sciences Award
Interests & Activities: Varsity Fencing (Captain), Film Society (President), Gaming Society (Co-founder), The Mall - School Newspaper (Editor), Janus Players (Actor)
SAT Scores: 800 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing
ACT Scores: 34 Composite, 34 English, 33 Math, 35 Reading, 35 Science
AP Exams: 5 Chemistry, 5 Biology, 5 Physics (Mechanics), 5 Calculus BC, 5 Art History, 5 French Language, 4 US History, 4 English Literature
SAT Subject Tests: 800 French, 780 Math IIC, 800 Writing (2003)


Other Awards: At Princeton: Magna Cum Laude in Philosophy, John Martyn Warbeke 1903 Prize in Metaphysics and Epistemology, Forbes College Outstanding Student Award; At Rutgers School of Law: Cum Laude graduate, First Year Honors, Forensis of Justicia Scholar, Middlesex County Bar Scholar, Domenic J. Gattuso Scholar, ABA Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property
Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton: Varsity Fencing, Study abroad in Japan, Anime Manga Princeton, Performance in theatrical productions, Academic Coordinator at Princeton High School IDEAS Center; At Rutgers School of Law: Research Assistant for Professor Greg Lastowka, Intern at the New Jersey Judiciary, Rutgers University Choir; Other: Committee member, dance organizer, musician and caller with the Princeton Country Dancers; Chosen presenter at 2011 Philosophy of Computer Games Conference in Athens, Greece
Location: Princeton University, Rutgers Law

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