I have had the pleasure of tutoring and mentoring elementary and high school students since I was a junior in high school. I have tutored elementary-high school students in subjects as diverse as Latin, English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and entrance exam preparation. Some of the memorable experiences for me in tutoring were: (1) when I coached several test prep students to achieve 700+ on their SAT subject tests though they had initially scored less than 600, and (2) when one of my academic students not only improved her understanding of the subject, but also became more self confident and brave enough to speak up in class due to our sessions.

My first experience with tutoring was in fifth grade, when my sister patiently helped me understand the difference between direct and indirect objects. My goal is to do for my students what my sister did for me, so that they can have many AHA moments of their own.

My general approach to tutoring has been to have the student teach me the subject first. This accomplishes two main goals: 1) explaining a topic to another person helps a student remember the details better, while boosting the student's confidence, and 2) the process allows me to assess the gaps in the student's knowledge of the subject matter. This approach is flexible and adjusted to fit the needs of each of my students.

When I am not coaching my students, I can be found conducting clinical research in the cancer immunotherapy field. I also enjoy singing in choirs, and have had the privilege of performing in Spain, Germany, Japan, Carnegie Hall, and the Lincoln Center.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Molecular Biology
Other Degrees/Minors: Certificate in Neuroscience

High School:

Awards & Honors: The Roger V. Scudder Classics Prize, Endicott Peabody Memorial Prize for Religion and Ethics, Hudson Music Prize, A Better Chance Excellence Award, National Achievement Competition Finalist & Semi-Finalist, National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, Volunteer Service Pin for completing more than 100 hours of service at hospital, The WPI Excellence in Math and Science Award, Frontiers '04 Certificate of Achievement in Biology and Biotechnology, Diana Ross Academic Achievement Award
Interests & Activities: Groton School Knitting Club (Co-founder/President), Chapel Prefect, Dorm Prefect, Choir, Madrigal Ensemble, Soccer, Drama, Lacrosse, Circle Voice (Arts Columnist and Assistant Arts Editor), Tutoring
SAT Scores: 740 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 700 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 Calculus AB, 5 Latin, 5 English Language, 4 English Literature, 4 World History, 3 Calculus BC (5 for Calc AB sub grade), 3, French Language
SAT Subject Tests: 680 French, 660 Math Level IC, 640 Biology-M, 730 Literature, 700 World History, 730 Latin


Other Interests & Activities: College: Community House tutoring, Club Lacrosse, Hats for the Homeless, Music Outreach, EMT (Twin W First Aid Squad), Voices of Africa (layout editor), Princeton University Chapel Choir (section leader, publicity chair, Librarian), Kindred Spirit A Cappella (president);

Post-College: Fairfield County Chorale, Southern Connecticut Camerata, Worcester Chorus, Salisbury Singers, Melodia Women's Choir, Amor Artis, Oratorio Society of New York, Animal Care Centers of NY, Worcester Animal Rescue League, Saint Vincent Hospital dialysis unit and pharmacy assistant
Location: Princeton University

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