Hi there! My name is Asha, and I’m a current PhD student at Princeton working on economic inequality and labor. Before starting my PhD, I worked in Washington DC as an economic analyst in the Chief Economist’s Office at the Department of Labor, and prior to that, as an economic research analyst at the Economic Policy Institute. I received my Master’s degree in Economic and Social History at Balliol College at the University of Oxford. And I began all of this double majoring in Economics and History at Columbia and minoring in Classics.

I am really passionate about economic and public policy and specifically researching and implementing policies to reduce inequality. I have tutored throughout my academic career and have benefited so much from tutoring and mentorship I received along the way. I am also deeply committed to uplifting other young researchers, especially women of color, and making this field and academia as a whole more welcoming and diverse. I am new to Princeton and when I’m not doing my own research I love going to the movies and running. My first professional goal is to finish my PhD (!), but after that I’d love to return to public policy or work on inequality research in academia.

I am very strong in writing, especially communicating complicated research findings. I have a lot of tutoring experience with college essays. I can also tutor in English, History, Government, French, Latin, and a wide arrange of subjects where clear writing is important.


Education: Columbia University
Undergrad Major: History and Economics (double major)
Other Degrees/Minors: M.Phil (with distinction) in Economic and Social History from Balliol College, University of Oxford

High School:

Class Rank: #5 in class of 1,000+
Awards & Honors: Principal's list for high GPA all 4 years
Interests & Activities: Captain of the Speech and Debate Team (Extemporaneous Debate), Model UN Captain, Volunteer at Denver Museum of Nature and Science (500 hours), Volunteer at East Colfax Refugee Center, French Honor Society
SAT Scores: 2190
AP Exams: 5 Language, 5 Literature, 5 European History, 5 Calculues BC, 5 Statistics, 5 US Government, 5 Comparative Government, 5 US History


Other Awards: Earned a mark of distinction on MPhil Dissertation at Oxford, Garrett Mattingly Thesis Prize in History at Columbia for my undergrad senior thesis, winner of the Rothermere American Institute Travel Award at Oxford, and the Global Innovation Fund Award at Columbia. I was on the Dean's list for GPA at Columbia.
Other Interests & Activities: At Columbia, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Political Review, an undergraduate magazine, after having been a contributor, managing editor, and senior editor. I was also a member of the Undergraduate History Council, which served as a liaison between the department and student body. I tutored with the Double Discovery Center. I was also a volunteer Latin teacher. At Oxford, I served as my College's Diversity and Equity officer. I also organized the graduate workshop in Economic and Social History at Oxford.
Location: Princeton, NJ

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