I’ve lived my whole life in the tiny, rainy country of Luxembourg, so studying at Princeton is studying abroad for me, even though my mother is American. I love the languages of my home country, and I hope to use my French and German when I major in Comparative Literature. I’ve always loved to write poetry and prose in English, though – my first attempt at a poem was published in a children’s magazine when I was 5, and since then, writing has been my main passion. I’ve written 3 novels, two of which have been awarded national or international prizes, and one of which is available for purchase on Amazon. I also write poetry, and do literary translations of work in other languages – I met my long-distance boyfriend at a poetry in translation prizegiving reception! English is my favorite subject to teach, although I also have a keen interest in biology, history, and art, and I have tutored students in subjects such as math, French, and science. Both my parents are teachers, and I’m sure that I inherited my love of learning and teaching from them, just as they inherited it from their parents – three of my four grandparents are teachers, too!


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Comparative Literature

High School:

Awards & Honors: International NMSQT finalist, AP Scholar with Distinction, AP International Diploma, Graduating class subject prizes in History and English, Henry J. Leir Award for Literary Criticism, Best Delegate for Justice at the Yale Model Government Europe, Winner of the Young Novelist of the Year Award from Malorie Blackman for debut novel, First and second prize in the Luxembourg National Poetry Prize for Youth, First prize in the 2013 Stephen Spender competition for poetry in translation, Two honorable mentions in the Foyles Young Poets of the Year competition
Interests & Activities: Symphonic Band (first clarinet), High School Choir (first soprano), Member of the Global Issues group and presenter at the Global Issues Network conference, Member of the MUN club, Member of the Tanzania club, ISMTF International math competition team member, Staff member on three literary magazines (Transcendence, Winter Tangerine Review, and Polyphony H. S.)
SAT Scores: 750 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 World History, 5 English Lit, 5 Psychology, 5 Art History, 5 French, 5 German, 7 IB English Lit HL, 7 IB History HL, 7 IB French A SL, 7 IB Art, 7 IB Biology HL, 7 IB Math SL, 45 IB Total Score
SAT Subject Tests: 800 World History, 800 English Literature, 800 French


Other Awards: Winner of the National Literary Prize of Luxembourg in the under-25 category, Recipient of Princeton's Elmer Adler Undergraduate Book-Collecting Prize
Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I have been doing a lot of creative writing (just started my fourth novel!) and I'm involved with the Rare Books and Special Manuscripts department at Firestone Library, where I catalog and translate old French and German prints.
Location: Other

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