Hi! My name is Angelica, and I’m an undergrad at Princeton majoring in Sociology. I am interested in studying racial inequity, specifically as it relates to Asian-Americans, as well as how it relates to education and housing issues. I am also minoring in Theater, and outside of class, I participate in theater as a stage & production manager and a lighting designer. I hope to pursue one of these two passions in the future—I either hope to continue studying racial inequity by pursuing a career in academia, working in the public/nonprofit sector to help remedy some of these issues, or becoming a theater professional! I have experience tutoring grades 3-12 in social studies, English language arts, writing, and Mandarin Chinese, as well as tutoring grades 3-8 in math. I love getting to know students and helping them reach their academic goals. I went to a competitive public high school in the Princeton area, and I know how draining it can be, so I really hope to be a mentor and resource to my students.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: A.B. Sociology
Other Degrees/Minors: Theater

High School:

Awards & Honors: German Department Senior Award, Theater Department Senior Award, AP Scholar with Distinction
Interests & Activities: One Acts Club (President, Director, Stage Manager), Pirate Players (Director of BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD), Theater department (supporting role in several plays), Orchestra (cellist, Historian, Director/Playwright of the annual Children's Concert Play), Debate Club (Vice President), National Honor Society, Princeton Summer Theater (Assistant Stage Manager/Stage Management Intern)
SAT Scores: 1560: 800 Math, 760 English
AP Exams: 5 US History, 5 English Language and Composition, 5 Comparative Government and Politics, 5 Chemistry, 5 Calculus BC
SAT Subject Tests: 800 US History, 780 Chemistry


Other Awards: Theater Department Award for Outstanding Work by a Freshman, invited to present at the Mary W. George Research Conference
Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton, I'm involved in: theater (stage/production manager, lighting designer for 1-2 productions per year), All-Nighter (producer), Community House (volunteer, Volunteer Recruitment and Development Chair), Theatre Intime (EDI Officer)
Location: Princeton, NJ

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