I am currently an applied math PhD student at Princeton, where my research interests are mathematical techniques for protein imaging. Previously, I was an undergraduate at Duke University (2018-2021), and then a software engineer at Amazon. I’ve always been inspired by my teachers and professors, and I would like to go into academia in the future. Moreover, my teaching experiences in undergrad and in high school have been some of my favorite memories. In my free time, I enjoy playing classical piano and running.


Education: Duke University
Undergrad Major: B.S. in Computer Science / Mathematics
Other Degrees/Minors: Minor in Economics; PhD candidate in Applied & Computational Mathematics (Princeton University)

High School:

Awards & Honors: National Merit Scholarship Recipient
Interests & Activities: Science Olympiad, Quiz Bowl, Chemistry Olympiad
SAT Scores: 1560: 760 Verbal, 800 Math
ACT Scores: 36 Composite: English 36, Math 36, Reading 35, Science 36
AP Exams: 4 English Literature, 4 Biology, 5 Chinese, 5 Latin, 5 Micro/Macro Economics, 5 Physics C Mech/EM, 5 Calculus AB/BC, 5 Statistics, 5 Chemistry, 5 World History, 5 US History, 5 Computer Science A
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Math Level 2, 780 Biology, 800 Chemistry


Other Awards: NSF GRFP, Alex Vasilos Memorial Prize, Magna Cum Laude
Other Interests & Activities: Duke Symphony Orchestra - Pianist, Duke Concerto Competition Winner (2019), Donald Laboratory Undergraduate Researcher, Duke University Math Union, Teaching Assistant (all semesters 2019-2021), Resident Assistant
Location: Princeton, NJ

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