Alexa is a graduate of Harvard University, where she studied economics and political science. She developed a love for teaching in 2017 as the founder and director of a volunteer, peer-to-peer math tutoring service across her school district. While at Harvard, she created a freshman pre-orientation program called the “Leadership Institute”. This is a week-long leadership course that helps transition incoming students to the demands of undergraduate life. The oldest child (of four) in her family, Alexa had to navigate the college admissions process by herself. She is passionate about easing this burden for families with several years of experience in SAT/ACT tutoring. When Alexa isn’t being a huge nerd or studying for the LSAT, you can find her hiking, running, or playing soccer.


Education: Harvard University
Undergrad Major: Government and Economics

High School:

Class Rank: Top 1%
Awards & Honors: MVHS LIFE Award, MVHS Social Studies Department Award, Mayoral Leadership Award
Interests & Activities: Aurora Youth Council, Varsity Choir, Student Government, Soccer, Cross Country
SAT Scores: 1560: 780M , 780V
AP Exams: 5 AP US History, 4 AP Physics C, 5 AP Calculus AB, 5 Government, 4 AP European History


Other Awards: Rhodes Scholar Finalist, Phi Beta Kappa Junior 24, Top 2 in Government Department Class of 2022, nominated for Summa Cum Laude at Harvard
Other Interests & Activities: Leadership Institute for the FY Experience at Harvard, Student Government, Undergraduate Government Research at Harvard, Institute of Politics Chair
Location: Other

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