The reason that I became interested in tutoring is because of my 14 year old sister. My parents are immigrants, and they relied on me to assist her with her studies ever since a young age. At first I was annoyed at this chore and bitter that I didn’t have anyone there to help me, but as I got older those petty teenage resentments dissipated, and I began to enjoy teaching others. Since then, I’ve tutored many students throughout high school, usually younger students, but I’ve even helped some of my own friends! Now I plan to continue helping others with their studies here in Princeton.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: Economics

High School:

Class Rank: 1 %
Awards & Honors: Texas Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra, National AP Scholar
Interests & Activities: Varsity Orchestra, Basketball, National Honor Society Vice President, Quiz Bowl
SAT Scores: 800 Math, 760 Critical Reading, 800 Writing
AP Exams: 5 Biology, 5 Calculus BC, 4 Chemistry, 5 Literature, 4 Language, 5 World History, 4 U.S. History, 4 Computer Science
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Math Level 2, 800 Biology Molecular


Other Awards: Princeton Faith and Action (Music team), Princeton Corporate Finance Club
Location: Princeton University

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