“In case Charlotte didn’t tell you yet, M got in early decision to his first choice school: Cornell College in Iowa. We are all over the moon. He even got some scholarship money — we were shocked (in a happy way) and are convinced it is because of his Common App essay and supplemental essay, both of which Charlotte played the role of co-pilot extraordinaire. I also think his improved SAT score must have helped too. Oh, that I had known about you when he was in high school. (You guys have to get the word out to Lawrence High parents….) No matter — the future is what’s important! M liked Charlotte so much that he reached out to her to help with his personal statement for the theater scholarship he is applying for at Cornell College (you have to first be accepted to the college in order to apply). They met this morning, and M said it went great. So, please continue to keep your fingers crossed! Of course I’ll let you know the outcome. Thanks a million and THANKS A MILLION. “

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