“Dear Princeton Tutoring (Greg), I am writing to commend one of your tutors, George. He is outstanding. He has been tutoring my daughter in Algebra II. She said that he makes math so easy to understand and clearly explains the concepts. My daughter remarked that he doesn’t “overtalk” like many other tutors are prone to do. This is especially important after kids have been ‘talked at’ in school all day. She scored an A+ on her Algebra II midterm in large part due to George. She is now trying to bring up her math SAT scores and she asked that George help her. She said that he totally calmed her down and took the “mystique” out of the problems which can appear to be tricky. He has given her a new confidence in math. From a parent’s perspective, he is efficient, focused, timely, professional and a clear communicator. We are very pleased that he is a sophomore and will be around next year to help her with physics and calculus if need be. Thank you.”

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