Kevin Wong


Kevin graduated with honors from Princeton University and majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. He also attained certificates (Princeton’s equivalent of a minor) in both Finance and Engineering Management Systems.

Kevin tutored extensively during college and formed a specialized team of tutors and music instructors to serve the local Princeton community. This team of highly qualified, specialized tutors ultimately led to the creation of Princeton Tutoring.

Outside of academics, Kevin played for Princeton’s junior varsity tennis team and also offered tennis lessons to local students, teachers, and professors.

Kevin maintained a 4.0 GPA during all four years of high school, and scored a 5 on each of the eight AP tests he took. He was a National Merit Scholarship recipient and received many other academic and athletic awards and scholarships.

Kevin was the #1 singles player for his high school tennis team four years in a row and also served as captain of his team.

He was the #1 ranked tennis player in the state in the under 12, 14, and 16 divisions, and he competed in regional and national tournaments. Kevin also trained and competed in Kenpo karate and earned his black belt.

Kevin developed his love of teaching during high school. During the school year, he spent several hours a week teaching and mentoring local students after school. During the summers, he taught private and group tennis lessons at DuPont Country Club and Wilmington Country Club. He offered private academic tutoring to local students during the evenings and weekends.

Outside of the education industry, Kevin has extensive experience in financial services. After graduating from Princeton, Kevin worked in Merrill Lynch’s Wealth Management Group, where he helped financial advisors in the United States, Latin America, and Asia manage their investment portfolios and build their financial advisory practices.

He also worked as a strategy and business development consultant to upper management, and was promoted to VP when he was 23. Soon after leaving Merrill in mid-2008, Kevin started a statistical arbitrage hedge fund based out of Princeton, NJ.

Kevin currently lives in Princeton, NJ. He has a passion for learning, teaching, entrepreneurship, and serving his community.

During his free time, Kevin teaches ESL to non-native English speakers, mentors young entrepreneurs, and organizes leadership and career development workshops for college students in the NJ/NY area. He also enjoys researching quantitative trading systems, studying Mandarin and Spanish (near fluency in both), and training in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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