Lead Time

  1. The matching process can take up to a week or so and depends on our staffing at the time

Meeting Your Tutors

  1. Telephone introductions: Prior to the first face-to-face tutoring session, we encourage parents to speak with their tutors over the telephone. Parents can use this time to get to know their tutors and ask them any questions about how they plan on working with your child. The tutor will also use this time to learn as much as possible about what type of specific academic help your child needs. We do not charge clients for the time incurred during telephone introductions.
  2. Face-to-face session: During the telephone introduction, you will arrange an initial time and place for your first face-to-face tutoring session. The time spent during this first face-to-face session is billable at the standard hourly tutoring rate. Most clients use this first session as a standard tutoring session. If you arrange the first meeting as a “meet and greet” session or a further consultation, Princeton Tutoring still reserves the right to bill you for this time.


  1. Princeton Tutoring offers our clients several different payment packages. Please contact Princeton Tutoring for more information.
  2. Packages are non-refundable
  3. Package hours are good for up to a year.
  4. Your hours are transferable to another student or friend.
  5. Your hours can also be used for other academic subjects or standardized tests (if there is a pricing difference for a different subject, we’ll convert the #hrs using the new pricing).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  1. Princeton Tutoring makes no promises or warranties with regards to a student’s performance as a result of any tutoring provided. However, if you are not happy with a session, whether it is the 1st or the 20th session, please let us know and the next session is on us (up to 1 hr). We will work with you until we find a suitable replacement tutor. In rare cases where we are unable to resolve the issue, we’re happy to process a refund for any unused hours.


  1. Please make any request for refunds within 30 days of the unsatisfactory session.
  2. Refunds may incur a 3% processing fee (these are simply pass-through costs billed by our bank and are not marked up by Princeton Tutoring). Refunds that are the result of unsatisfactory sessions will NOT incur any processing fees.

Invoicing & Payments

  1. All payments must be made online
  2. Please do not pay tutors. All payments are to be made directly to Princeton Tutoring
  3. We require credit card information on file to charge you for additional sessions above and beyond your initial package.

Minimum Session Length

  1. In general, tutoring sessions will be billed at a minimum of 1 hr. Test prep sessions are usually billed at a minimum of 1.5 hrs. 
  2. However, shorter sessions may be granted occasionally. Please first obtain approval from the tutor. Otherwise, you may be billed for the full hour.

Cancellations & Lateness

  1. Please allow 24 hours or more before scheduled tutoring sessions to make cancellations. Princeton Tutoring reserves the right to bill clients the full amount of the scheduled session for cancellations made within 24 hours of a tutoring session.
  2. Princeton Tutoring reserves the right to bill clients for waiting time in the case of late arrival or failure of a student to show up for a scheduled tutoring session.

Activities Included with Tutoring Sessions

  1. Preparation time required to cover tutoring lesson content
  2. Tutoring time and time required to compile a tutoring session recap
  3. Reasonable quantity of quick emails and/or phone calls (< 5 minutes) between parents, students, and tutors. Princeton Tutoring reserves the right to bill communication time for parents who desire frequent and lengthy email/telephone/face-to-face contact with tutors outside of regular tutoring hours.

Additional Billable Activities

  1. Essay editing and feedback outside of tutoring sessions
  2. Email contact with teachers and guidance counselors
  3. Special projects requested by clients (i.e. curriculum development, etc…)
  4. Telephone communications with students outside of tutoring sessions (Minimum time 15 minutes)
  5. Frequent and lengthy communications with parents outside of regular tutoring hours
  6. Etc…


Princeton Tutoring works with your child’s current textbooks and materials. For test prep, we have proprietary in-house materials that we will provide, and we will also recommend additional materials for purchase. If clients would like a tutor to use specific teaching materials, they may provide these materials to the tutor. For enrichment tutoring purposes, the tutor may recommend additional resources or provide their own material.

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