Hi! I’m Lulu and I’m an undergraduate at Princeton, likely studying Art History or Architecture. Either way, I hope to pursue a career in the art world. I’m passionate about music, having played violin since I was three years old and performed in various locations around the world. I currently sing in two choirs and an a cappella group, and occasionally in my dorm room as well. I’m a big foodie and can often be found going on runs just to work up an appetite. I love to travel and unofficially studied abroad in Rome and Istanbul last year. You know what else I love? Tutoring! The very best feeling is when someone has that ‘OH I GET IT!’ lightbulb moment – you’re happy, I’m happy, everyone’s happy. The subjects I am most fluent in tutoring are SAT, Russian, Art History, and Chemistry. My dream is to help people reach their lightbulb moments and feel confident that they can keep on finding more lightbulb moments, without my help.


Education: Princeton University
Undergrad Major: AB Architecture
Other Degrees/Minors: Certificates in Russian Language and Culture, Urban Studies, Architecture and Engineering

High School:

Awards & Honors: Music scholar, School Russian Award (2x), Lightbody Prize (history of art), High school colours in music and swimming
Interests & Activities: Leader of orchestra, High School House Music Monitor, UK Linguistics Olympiad Gold, UK Maths Challenge Gold, Girls’ Football (soccer) Team, volunteered at a local primary school
SAT Scores: 1580: 800 Math, 780 Reading & Writing
AP Exams: A-Level/Pre-U: A* Maths, A** Chemistry, A* Russian, A* History of Art
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Latin, 770 Math Level 1


Other Interests & Activities: At Princeton I am in the Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Tigressions A Cappella Group, Sycamore Institute, and Head of Art and Design content for TigerTrends
Location: Other

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