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Private TOEFL Tutoring

Since 2005, we have helped international students improve their confidence and scores on the TOEFL, needed for admission to US schools. Combined with our academic subject tutoring and college counseling services, we provide the most comprehensive program to increase your child's chances of acceptance to his or her dream school. Our clients have even included other professionals in the field of education - teachers, Ivy League professors, and members of the Princeton University administration. Our exceptional private tutors will create a customized approach tailored specifically for your needs. After each session, you'll receive a detailed progress report to track your child’s improvement (view a real recap from one of our TOEFL tutoring sessions).

What Parents Say about Our TOEFL Tutors

We were contacted by the guardian of an international student from Korea boarding and living in the US for high school. We provided several tutors to help with many subjects, including the TOEFL. We matched her with Chhaya, a biology major at Princeton University who was also in the Teacher Preparation Program. Chhaya previously spent a bridge year in India where she was a full-time teacher in a village school for seven months. The student and our tutor hit it off!

Hello! Chhaya! How have you been? My TOEFL test was fine…THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for everything. You worked very hard to help improve my scores. I think I learned not only how to improve on tests, but also with life studies.

I think you are a really great teacher, and I hope everything goes well...See you after vacation!

12th grader, Princeton High School

Please visit our testimonials page to read what other parents have said about our amazing tutors. We receive messages like these every week!

Why Princeton Tutoring?

The BEST TOEFL Tutors – Our rigorous recruiting and testing process ensures that we have the best TOEFL tutorsOur tutors are former valedictorians, founders of volunteer groups, and top athletes, who are deeply engaged in a multitude of activities and will bring that same high-level commitment to your child’s education. 

The Most Effective Matching Process – No need for you to scroll through dozens of potentially unqualified tutor profiles. Our experienced staff will match you with the tutor who will be the perfect fit for your child’s unique needs. 

Post-Tutoring Recaps – Session summaries keep you in the loop, help you track progress, and give you peace of mind. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We have an impressive track record of increased scores and confidence, and many of our clients are returning customers or referrals. This is why we can offer the best guarantee in the industry.

What further differentiates us from the competition is our genuine desire to help your child succeed. Both Kevin and I started tutoring in high school and continued throughout our college years at Princeton and beyond. We chose to tutor because it was extremely rewarding and something we truly enjoyed. 

Princeton Tutoring was born out of the early successes of our former clients and our desire to provide high-quality tutoring to other families. We understand better than most what parents are looking for, what children need, and which qualities make the best tutors.

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to speaking with you and working with your child to help fulfill his or her academic potential.


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Greg Wong and Kevin Wong


Taking the TOEFL Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

The TOEFL, or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a necessary component of college applications for our non-native-English speaking students. Depending on the school, applicants may also choose to take the IELTS. The TOEFL measures an applicant’s ability to use and understand English at the university level.

We have worked with many international high school students, especially from China, on various aspects of the college application - SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP exams, and college counseling. Some students are so focused on getting a high SAT score that they completely ignore preparation for the TOEFL. This is not advised, since most top schools require a TOEFL score of at least 100 before they even consider a student’s applications, regardless of academic performance and SAT scores. From the university's perspective, the benefit of an international student who is able to pay full tuition does not outweigh the costs of admitting an applicant who does not meet minimum standards of English proficiency. Therefore, we recommend that our international students start preparing for the TOEFL as soon as possible.

Many of our TOEFL tutors also have experience teaching ESL either locally or abroad in foreign countries. Please contact us so we can match your child with an expert test prep tutor who will help your child do the best they can on the TOEFL. 

How Princeton Tutoring Can Help

  1. Understand Your Needs
    • You will have a consultation with one of our partners or directors, all of whom are experts in education.
    • We will identify your goals, and learn more about your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, testing history, materials used, learning styles, personality, and interests

  1. Make a Perfect Match
    • Our partners have more than 15 years of experience matching clients to the right tutors – and we are VERY good at it.

  1. Customized TOEFL Tutoring
    • Each tutoring session is tailored specifically for your child’s unique needs.
    • Your tutor will analyze your diagnostic test for strenghts and weaknesses, develop a game plan, explain confusing concepts, and assign lots of homework
    • Proper strategies, tips, and test-taking techniques will be emphasized and reinforced at every session
  1. Post-Tutoring Recaps



World-Class Tutors

We recruit only the best and have a rigorous selection process. This means our private tutors are not just intelligent - they're also great teachers who are able to relate to your child.

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We approach tutoring differently. Through our company philosophy and customized matching process, we are able to more effectively deliver results.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We have an impressive history of proven success and a guarantee unlike any other in the business: If you're unsatisfied with any session, you simply don't pay.

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