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"M really likes Andrew.  He is calm and very supportive, a perfect match for her"

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"We would like to thank you for your efforts and preparing V for the SAT. Your classes were well organized; I hope V will utilize the strategies you taught him and score well. Once again, thank you for your time, expertise and patience!"

Parent of 11th grader, South Brunswick High School

"A hearty thank you for both this very useful recap and for your work with I today. He found it extremely useful. We were delighted to hear his comments, after you left.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning."

Parent of 10th grader, Princeton High School

"We would like to thank you for your efforts and preparing V for the SAT.
Your classes were well organized; I hope V will utilize the strategies you taught him and score well.
Once again, thank you for your time, expertise and patience!"

Parent of 11th grader, South Brunswick High School

"Kelly is a wonderful tutor, E has learned so much from her."

Parent of 8th grader, St. Ann's

"M has been meeting Mitchell for regular sessions, things have been progressing well. He is Very easy to work with, always available via email for questions, offers ideas and suggestions, and is flexible. We would like to continue with him, I'm hoping with more sessions with Mitchell and M working together will reflect in her grades soon."

Parent of 10th grader, Montgomery High School

"M really likes Mohamed. It has been a great connection. Thanks so much."

Parent of 11th grader, Notre Dame High School

"C really likes Richard. She feels she has learned a lot."

Parent of 11th grader, Hillsborough High School

"Thank you for taking time to help A better understand Physics. After returning home, it was evident that she benefited from your tutoring style and enjoyed engaging with you personally. We were thrilled to see how well you two connected. A liked your method of breaking down the concepts and problems into basic components, then understand the variables that are provided and which are missing and finally apply the appropriate law or equation to solve the problem. I'm sure she will benefit from more of the same today. Thank you so much for the wonderful recap and feedback about A. Glad to hear she seems to be a quick learner. She is comprehending the information much better with your help. She got a 90 on the recent essay, so we were all very happy about that. She appreciated your help and suggestions after looking over the essay last week"

Parent of 9th grader, Montgomery High School

"We would like to share a good news with you . M scored 2220 in SAT . We thank you for all your help . Without your help he would have not scored that much."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor High School

"Thanks so much. B loved you. He said you really helped him understand everything."

Parent of 12th grader, Lawrenceville

"J had a great tutoring session with Katie on Saturday. J already feels she benefitted from the session in both pre calc and sats
She was very happy! Thank you for helping her find a great match"

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

"I want to thank you for recommending Anastasia to coach my daughter S. 
Anastasia is a bright student herself and S benefits tremendously from her lessons with her. S wants to continue her coaching with Anastasia."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

"tutoring is going well so far... have already seen improvement... english class grades have also improved, which is a great side effect."

Parent of 8th grader, John Witherspoon

"I wanted to let you know how terrific Alex M has been as a tutor for C. She’s taken a lot of the pain out of physics and gave her additional confidence to face the SAT. So the plan is to continue with her help for the rest of the school year. It’s been going really well."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"In case Charlotte didn’t tell you yet, M got in early decision to his first choice school: Cornell College in Iowa. We are all over the moon. He even got some scholarship money — we were shocked (in a happy way) and are convinced it is because of his Common App essay and supplemental essay, both of which Charlotte played the role of co-pilot extraordinaire. I also think his improved SAT score must have helped too. Oh, that I had known about you when he was in high school. (You guys have to get the word out to Lawrence High parents….)  No matter — the future is what’s important! M liked Charlotte so much that he reached out to her to help with his personal statement for the theater scholarship he is applying for at Cornell College (you have to first be accepted to the college in order to apply). They met this morning, and M said it went great. So, please continue to keep your fingers crossed! Of course I’ll let you know the outcome.

Thanks a million and THANKS A MILLION. "

Parent of high school graduate, Raritan Valley Community College

"Hope you have had a great start to the year. Thank you for finding Ted for us at the beginning of the school year. He is just wonderful, and my kids love him. Elliot seems terrific! Thanks for finding him for us."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"Things are going very well with A and Harold.
He is exactly what A needed."

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton Day School

"The proof will be in the test results of course, but Caroline C. seems to be the right match for S's needs, and her and S have had three effective sessions thus far. 

They quickly built a good repoir, and S comes out of each session feeling more confident. They've already covered math and vocab strategies in-depth, and are now moving onto writing, and building up S's SAT vocabulary.
Caroline is always quick to respond to our questions, is flexible with session times, and we appreciate her write-ups after each session."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

"We are really happy so far. Harold is a great match!"

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"everything going well as far as I know--teenage boys are not very communicative at this age :-)"

Parent of 11th grader, Clovis North Educational Center

"We have received very positive feedback from L about the sessions with Billy. She is very pleased with how it is going."

Parent of 8th grader, John Witherspoon

"A’s sessions are going well! She has met with Andrew twice now and we are settled on a schedule of 2 hours every Friday. She came out of each session with a positive outlook and she feels that working with Andrew can help her to achieve her goals. 
 I appreciate that he follows up with a summary after their sessions and I think that the amount of work he assigns her to do between sessions is just right. Also, the venue (Princeton Theological Seminary Library) is perfect.
We have an optimistic, eager student and a happy parent. So far, so good!"

Parent of 11th grader, Robbinsville High School

"The tutoring sessions went well, G seemed to get the help she needed. Thank you for your help. We have scheduled a consecutive session with them."

Parent of 10th grader, Montgomery High School

"S is enjoying and she is seeing significant improvement in her grade and confidence in Calculus."

Parent of 12th grader, Hillsborough high school
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