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"I just wanted to touch base with you regarding KC tutoring my daughter, M. We are extremely pleased with KC and think she is going to be wonderful – it has been a great match so far – thank you so much for all your help!!"

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"V had her lesson with George at 5 pm and she was very pleased. It looks like it will work well with him. So, thank you very much."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"Dear Camila, Just wanting to say that your tutoring has already made a huge difference for G and we are very thankful for that!"

Parent of 7th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"Thanks Namita, It was a pleasure for us as well having you tutor N. We hope that we can have someone so upbeat & well versed as you are for N…"

Parent of 10th grader, The Lawrenceville School

"Thanks for your help – he got an A- on his final and will probably get an A for the year so that’s great!!"

Parent of 12th grader, Princeton High School

"Hi Haley, It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you so much for your detailed report on how your first session with R went. R is also extremely happy with the help he got from you and enjoyed studying with you immensely. I have given him a copy of this email and he seems very serious about making sure he has everything with him the next time you guys sit down for another session. Thanks once again for your help and guidance."

Parent of 8th grader, Montgomery Township Middle School

"Hello Catherine, I have to say that K has had a lot of tutors and he has progressed far more in a few short weeks with you than years with others before… Thank you for helping him in seeing his potential and I look forward to hearing from you."

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"Hello Britt, thank you for the informed email of your session with H. She is very pleased and excited to work with you."

Parent of 7th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"Kelly, I just wanted to write you a few words. F is making progress, I think he has a high B grade and I am happy. Hopefully soon he'll be in the A's… Thank you for all your help."

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"Thank you Britt, you were a huge help to H yesterday."

Parent of 7th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"Just wanted to let you know that I have been increasingly impressed with Haley's thoughtfulness in her approach towards R's tutoring sessions. In addition to the core material coverage, she has taken a genuine interest in understanding his interests and coming up with side recommendations to help pursue them as well as proactively offering assistance in helping him make the transition into high school. As an example, R had mentioned to her that he has been selected into all Honors classes, and she was very proactive in coming back to me with specific areas where she felt she could be of help in facilitating such a transition. Things seem to be coming along quite nicely."

Parent of 8th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"Hello Britt, thank you, H said it was a good session and she felt prepared for her quiz."

Parent of 7th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"Hi Kelly, Thank you for your work with A… I think As time with you was valuable. Her anxiety level has lessened and she is feeling better about the upcoming test. She will continue to work through the Princeton Review Book and we'll keep our fingers crossed on Saturday. Thank you for everything and good luck with your research and future endeavors."

Parent of 8th grader

"Hi Sarah, Thank you. I think your approach towards having a timed test followed by an analysis helped her build both competence and confidence on the last test. Thanks for the partnering."

Parent of 10th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"My very dear Catharine: Again thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea of how much we value your time and work with S. Everything you are doing is outstanding!!"

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"Hi Sarah, It was a pleasure to meet you tonight. I believe your assessment of S is on target. I am optimistic that your asking her to work through her thinking coupled with test simulations will get her out of her current 'not so great' grades and give her the confidence to aim for better performance on her quizzes…"

Parent of 10th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"Anand, again, it was a very positive relationship. We were truly fortunate to have you as J's Chemistry tutor over the past year. J sat for his Chemistry SAT II this past weekend. He felt it went well, large part due to your tutelage."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro South

"By the way, he told me that he didn’t share the good news of some of his results – he received a 24 out of 25 or a 96 ( A+ ) on his Math project that he worked with you on. As well he received two B- on his English and History essays, with a comment from his English teacher of ‘great improvement!’ He is still waiting to receive his Psych test back. Thank you again!"

Parent of 11th grader, The Peddie School

"You provide a great service. D is thriving and loved Mary."

Parent of 7th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"M is doing really well with Rumi. Rumi has been so great for M. He listens to him which is so great. His report card has never been this good (5 A AND an A-). He scored in the 98th percentile on the PSAT and will be taking the SAT in January. His only weakness now is Pre-calculus but he is working hard on it with Vicki and is now also getting better."

Parent of 12th grader, Princeton High School
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