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"Dear Ming, Thanks a lot for the lesson and short recap. I think you have done a very good job: A enjoyed the lesson and feels much more confident towards his chemistry midterm test."

Parent of 10th grader, Montgomery High School

"I just wanted to let you know that Eugenia was great. She made me feel comfortable and helped me in the short amount of time. I look forward to more sessions with her. Thank you so much and have a great holiday."

Banking Professional

"We just received very positive results from our daughter's SSAT test and are very pleased at the improvement in her scores! We know it's the result of her tutoring sessions with Stephanie, a lot of hard work and of course practice, practice, practice! Thank you."

Parent of 8th grader, Stuart Country Day School

"Hi ~ It’s already Christmas. Oh my gosh! We’ve been together for a year already! Through that one year I’ve learned so much from you, and it wasn’t just math or essay writing—you taught me how to be more positive, to keep my confidence during tests, and to believe in myself. Thanks Hannah for making me a better person at heart. Merry Christmas!"

Parent of 9th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro

"Colette, Thanks for the great feedback. We will have the girls work on the times tables by next weeks class."

Parent of 3rd grader, Monmouth Junction

"Hi Hannah, We really enjoyed our time with you, too. Have a great summer! See you in the fall :) J always says to me you are one of the best teacher she has ever had."

Parent of 9th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro

"Gene - Once again, S was really happy with the session she had with you yesterday. She said that you are super smart, but have a way of 'not making her feel stupid' :). She also told me that what she thought might take 45+ minutes took the two of you 5 minutes to review and the remaining time you taught her about 6 classroom hours worth of material! THANK YOU very much and keep up the good work. Really appreciate your help."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"S had nothing but great things to say about you. She gave you two thumbs up and told me that you were very helpful and that the session very much helped her for the test preparation. So THANK YOU to both you and Kevin who matched us up."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"Dear Lauren, Thank you for the recap. V enjoyed the first lesson and is looking forward to the next one."

Parent of 6th grader, Princeton Day School

"Hi Carol, Thanks a lot for your time and efforts with A. We appreciated it very much that you wrote a very thorough summary every time. We are certain it will help her out a lot. Have a great summer and we are looking forward to seeing you in September. Thanks again."

Parent of 11th grader, Lewis High School

"Nisha, Very many thanks for your help during this term -- it made a big difference in enabling C to come up to close to his potential. He showed improvements as soon as you came on board, right through the final exam. Excellent job. Have a wonderful summer!"

Parent of 10th grader, Montgomery High School

"Joseph, Thank you for all your help. M truly enjoyed working with you. And, the ultimate compliment to you is that she got an 'A' on her Chemistry final. Enjoy your summer."

Parent of 10th grader, Princeton High School

"Hi Carol, Thanks for the detailed and informative summary of your first sessions with our sons. Both seemed to have enjoyed their first lesson. So I think we are off to a good start!"

Parent of 5th & 7th graders, Johnson Park & John Witherspoon Middle School

"Thanks for your help. J tells me that she is ending this quarter with an A- average, so your support has been helpful…"

Parent of 8th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"Dave was a class act through the year... R did struggle through the year this year but Dave was terrific through the process and served as not just a very good tutor but a terrific role model for R..."

Parent of 9th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"Now that our sons have completed their series of tutorials with Joseph, I wanted to tell you how pleased we were with his work. He is a fine tutor, with an excellent approach to kids. We would highly recommend him! Thanks for work well done."

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"By the way he scored extremely well on the June SAT Subject Tests - 790 Chemistry, 740 Mathematics Level 2, and 770 Physics. Thanks so much for the help!"

Parent of College Student, University of Delaware

"Stephanie has been FABULOUS, by the way…"

Parent of 10th grader, Montgomery High School

"I just wanted to thank you for your part in J's success. He decided on Columbia. Your tutoring services certainly assisted Julian in preparing for Biology, and for the AP Biology test he will take soon."

Parent of 12th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro South

"Dear Princeton Tutoring (Greg),

I am writing to commend one of your tutors, George. He is outstanding. He has been tutoring my daughter in Algebra II. She said that he makes math so easy to understand and clearly explains the concepts. My daughter remarked that he doesn't "overtalk" like many other tutors are prone to do. This is especially important after kids have been 'talked at' in school all day.

She scored an A+ on her Algebra II midterm in large part due to George. She is now trying to bring up her math SAT scores and she asked that George help her. She said that he totally calmed her down and took the "mystique" out of the problems which can appear to be tricky. He has given her a new confidence in math.

From a parent's perspective, he is efficient, focused, timely, professional and a clear communicator. We are very pleased that he is a sophomore and will be around next year to help her with physics and calculus if need be. Thank you."

Parent of 11th grader, The Lawrenceville School

"Good news! My daughter went from having a C/F to a high B (one point from an A) in her latest test and the credit goes to Sweta. Just wanted to share with you. Thank you."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"We have now had two sessions with Sweta and I am writing to let you know how thrilled we are with her. She is very professional, offers pointed advice and is really able to help hugely. Both times after the tutoring session, the comments that I heard were 'That was so amazingly helpful!!'. That speaks volumes I think. I think you found us the best fit for the needs and Sweta is phenomenal. I am very happy that we came to you and you found us Sweta and just wish that we had done that earlier. Thank you so much."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor Plainsboro North

"HE PASSED!! E was not told what his score on the test was, but he did pass and get placed in Algebra 1. I am so relieved. Thanks to both of you for all of your help. E's younger brother will try to make the same leap next year, so I will definitely call you for tutoring again. Thanks!"

Parent of 8th grader, The Hun School of Princeton

"Haley is just such a wonderful teacher it makes me wish I had her to teach me when I was growing up!!"

Parent of 9th grader, Montgomery High School

"Haley, Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I feel relieved and assured that R has you to assist him with his studies. The problem with R is that he is easily distracted and somewhat impatient to finish his work and as a result doesn't pay enough attention to the structure, presentation and accuracy of his work. However, with your help we've seen a lot of improvement in him and his general effort to apply himself more. He is smart and bright, he just needs expert guidance and you're doing a great job with that."

Parent of 9th grader, Montgomery High School
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