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Studying Root Words: More Pokemon, Their Roots, and Related Words

As promised, here is a continuation of my list of Pokemon that are useful for vocabulary study!

  • Tyrogue contains the words “rogue,” a dishonest or unprincipled person, and “tyro,” which may relate to the word “tyrant,” a cruel and oppressive ruler.Very hairy.
    • Related Words: tyrant, tyrannical, tycoon, typhoon, tyrannosaurus, tyronic, tyro, rogue
  • Piloswine uses the words “Pilose,” which means covered in hair and “swine,” which is another word for pig
    • Related Words: pilose, swine
  • Banette combines the words “bane,” which refers to a person or thing that ruins or destroys, or “ban,” to prohibit, and “marionette,” which refers to a type of puppet. It may perhaps sounds similar to the weapon, “bayonet.”
    • Related Words: bane, banality, banish, bandit, contraband, wolfsbane, marionette

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