The Wilberforce School: Application Tips & An Inside Look

Application Advice from Wilberforce Admissions Director Christina Keddie

Courtesy of the Wilberforce School

“Wilberforce provides a solid foundation of character-building and faith-building, as well as study skills and a joy of learning.”

—Christina Keddie, Admissions Director at The Wilberforce School



The Wilberforce School is a private, K-12 Christian school in Princeton Junction, NJ, which was founded in 2005. It prides itself on offering a classical education at an advanced pace, at least one grade level ahead. Its director of admissions is Christina Keddie, who kindly took time out of her schedule to share some inside tips on how to apply to, and be accepted by, a school like Wilberforce.

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How to Make the High School Tennis Team

How to Make the High School Tennis Team – Advice from Top Tennis Coaches in the Princeton Area

“When you do something best in life, you don’t really want to give that up—and for me it’s tennis.”  

—Roger Federer

Tennis is a popular sport for all ages. To scope out the top tennis programs in the Princeton area and learn the best ways to train and kindle your passion for tennis, Princeton Tutoring spoke with Sarah Hibbert, the head coach of the Princeton High School (PHS) girls’ and boys’ tennis teams, and Stuart Woody, the varsity girls’ head coach at The Hun School of Princeton.

For students interested in pursuing tennis, either as a hobby or more rigorously in high school and beyond, these insights are a great place to start.

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Meet Chelsea, the Adorable Winner of our Communiversity Guessing Contest

This is Chelsea. She is 7 years old. And she is a Jolly Rancher counting genius.

Chelsea, our adorable Communiversity Guessing Contest Winner

This year for Communiversity, we hosted a guessing contest. Caroline graciously allowed us to borrow one of her large vases, and we filled it up with Jolly Ranchers. A lot of them.


The prize for the closest guess? A Chromebook, or even more exciting, a free month of tutoring!

The weather was chilly that day, but our booth was hot, hot, hot. We received over 700 submissions!

Can you guess how many Jolly Ranchers were in that vase? Scroll to the bottom for the answer.

Read below for an exclusive interview with our adorable winner.

An Exclusive Interview

Princeton Tutoring: So I see that you chose the Chromebook as your prize. Do you think that when you go home you’ll come to your senses and regret not signing up for tutoring sessions instead?

Chelsea: I don’t think so.

Princeton Tutoring: What do you plan on doing with your shiny new Chromebook?

Chelsea: Actually, I’m not really sure what it is yet.

Princeton Tutoring: I think you’ll figure it out. Everybody is dying to know – what was your secret? You beat out math PhDs, engineers, and former guessing game champions. Which method did you choose to calculate the number of Jolly Ranchers? The vase wasn’t a perfect cone or a perfect cylinder. How did you modify the volume formulas, and how did you account for the additional volume taken up by the wrappers and air?

Chelsea: I don’t know. I just guessed!!

Princeton Tutoring: That sounds reasonable. Thanks for your time today, Chelsea, and please remember to use your guessing powers for good, not evil.

Chelsea: Okay.

*We may have taken some liberties with our interpretation of the actual questions and answers

By the Numbers

  • # of submissions: 733
  • # of Jolly Ranchers: 1,365
  • Chelsea’s guess: 1,364
  • Smallest guess: 16
  • Largest guess: 1 quadrillion (seriously)
  • Median Guess: 1,000
  • Most Popular Guess: 1,000 (28 people guessed 1,000)
  • # of people who used a ruler: 5 (where did they get these rulers!)
  • # of people who tried to eat one of the Jolly Ranchers: 0 (impressive self control!)

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Studying Root Words: More Pokemon, Their Roots, and Related Words

As promised, here is a continuation of my list of Pokemon that are useful for vocabulary study!

  • Tyrogue contains the words “rogue,” a dishonest or unprincipled person, and “tyro,” which may relate to the word “tyrant,” a cruel and oppressive ruler.Very hairy.
    • Related Words: tyrant, tyrannical, tycoon, typhoon, tyrannosaurus, tyronic, tyro, rogue
  • Piloswine uses the words “Pilose,” which means covered in hair and “swine,” which is another word for pig
    • Related Words: pilose, swine
  • Banette combines the words “bane,” which refers to a person or thing that ruins or destroys, or “ban,” to prohibit, and “marionette,” which refers to a type of puppet. It may perhaps sounds similar to the weapon, “bayonet.”
    • Related Words: bane, banality, banish, bandit, contraband, wolfsbane, marionette

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The Stuart Country Day School: An In-Depth Profile

Stuart_Country_Day_School_of_the_Sacred_Heart_sealStuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart is more than just a highly-ranked independent, all girls K-12 school in Princeton. Founded in 1963, Stuart Country strives to fashion agents of change in its young women, particularly leaders who “think critically, creatively and ethically.” Put simply, Stuart Country is “a peaceful place for girls to make some noise” and discover their own enormous potential academically and personally.

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The Pennington School: An In-Depth Profile

thIndividual excellence takes center stage at The Pennington School, located ten miles from downtown Princeton. For 175 years this coeducational day and boarding school has demonstrated its dedication to student potential and maintains its belief today in “360 degrees of personal and academic growth” in its student body. At Pennington, every experience is an opportunity to learn and students don graduation caps with confidence in their professional, personal, and academic futures.

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The Test Prep Strategy ALL Students Should be Using

SAT Practice Tool

Do you think you are preparing for the SAT or ACT in the most efficient and effective way?

Over the years, Princeton Tutoring has worked with hundreds of students to improve confidence and scores.

Regardless of whether you are self studying, working with a private tutor, or taking test prep classes, we have found that the NUMBER ONE strategy for increased test scores is…

[Continue reading to discover the most important SAT and ACT test prep strategy]

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The Peddie School: An Inside Look

  Peddie_School_LogoFinimus Pariter Renovamusque Labores: “When we finish our labors, we begin them anew.”

The Peddie School’s motto encapsulates the spirit of this private school of Hightstown, New Jersey, located approximately eight miles from Princeton. By upholding the ethos of work, perseverance, and integrity, The Peddie School helps its students realize their potential as critical thinkers and leaders in a changing world.

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“Think Write”: A Summer Writing Workshop for High School Students (2015)

We are extremely excited to present a unique summer writing workshop for high school students in the Princeton, NJ area!

For more details and to sign up, please visit –

Below is a brief description of the program:

“Think Write” is a new 6-week writing workshop designed to prepare 9th through 12th graders for the unique challenges posed by writing at the high school-level. It is often a daunting prospect, even for advanced students. Part of what makes high school writing such a frustrating endeavor is ‘information overload’. High schoolers are exposed to a variety of new writing genres and concepts while simultaneously held to unrealistic grading standards that require students to demonstrate a mastery of writing that they have rarely been taught. Worse still, as students wrestle with these challenges, they do so at a time when skill in writing influences performance on A.P.s, SATs and other standardized tests and can strengthen or weaken a college application.

The “Think Write” program does not simply mimic a high school classroom and review what students encounter there. Instead, an extremely limited class size enables “Think Write” to deploy activities that encourage students to play with language, shape it and share their insights with peers. The program is a blend of Eton-style rigor with hands-on activities and collaborative projects that are both effective and creative. “Think Write” is designed to help students discover and utilize their strengths as writers, grapple with and conquer their weaknesses and, ultimately, forge a new relationship to writing that will facilitate future academic successes.

However, there is no strong writing without strong thinking.

More broadly, “Think Write” does not just offer students the tools to articulate their ideas and opinions; it is also engineered to help students hone their analytical reasoning skills (see “Program Structure” below for more details).Thus, students are able to not simply express ideas but to form them with greater complexity. To repeat a truism, writing makes thought visible; it also encourages writers to sharpen not just their pencils but their wit.

For more details and to sign up, please visit –

The Hun School: A Princeton Graduate’s Perspective

The Hun School of Princeton, located just two miles from Princeton University, produces graduates with keen global awareness and attention to academic excellence. Princeton University and Hun School graduate Bryan Suchenski shares his view on this private school of Mercer County that “effectively prepares [students] for college” and provides “a meaningful sense of community.”Krogh_090428_8151

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